How much money can you make monthly on OnlyFans

Webcam business has been around for years, but it gained its social spotlight especially in the last couple of years. OnlyFans has a huge impact on this industry as of December 2019 OnlyFans attracted more than a million creators all over the world. According to Variety report by late August 2020, it has more than 50 million registered users and now there are over 100 million registered users and over 1 million content creators. Today OnlyFans is a billion-dollar business that is growing incredibly fast and finds up to 500,000 new users joining the platform daily.

How much money can you make monthly on OnlyFans

How much money can you make monthly on OnlyFans

  1. Content that brings money
  2. Study your audience
  3. Transform your audience and content into money
  4. Final thoughts
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  6. How much money can you make monthly on OnlyFans-FAQ

Webcam business has been around for years, but it gained its social spotlight especially in the last couple of years. OnlyFans has a huge impact on this industry as of December 2019 OnlyFans attracted more than a million creators all over the world. According to Variety report by late August 2020, it has more than 50 million registered users and now there are over 100 million registered users and over 1 million content creators. Today OnlyFans is a billion-dollar business that is growing incredibly fast and finds up to 500,000 new users joining the platform daily. 

For those who are interested in this industry and eager to obtain as much income as you can, we have prepared an article to help you get a deeper understanding of this business model.

Believe in yourself, and try to do your best to become the top 1% of all accounts on OnlyFans. According to XSRUS report, 33% of OnlyFans income is made by the top 1% accounts. 

Content that brings money

For those of you who imagine OnlyFans as a platform suitable only for female performers with sex-centered content, we are here to convince you that it is not 100% correct.

At the very beginning, OnlyFans was designed for all sorts of creators, and it worked out well. It doesn’t matter if you are a podcaster or fitness instructor, you can share your content via OnlyFans. 

Though an association with adult content indeed has a right to exist. In the course of time it turned out that adult female models can earn a lot with the help of the platform. So OnlyFans gained a lot of popularity among models who want to earn simple money with the help of their beauty and those who are ready to pay for it. Here we come to the point where OnlyFans got the popularity of an adult platform in a year. 

If you are, as a creator, worried about the association that your platform has, try to check something new. For example, with Scrile Connect you can create your brand-new website. 

Gender privilege on OnlyFans

Another fact that fears people on the way to online content sharing is the privilege of straight female models over all the rest. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you use OnlyFans, or going to create your own website. At the very beginning, the majority of people would have an image of a beautiful and gorgeous woman posting her spicy photos. Though it is only a stereotype. As we stated above OnlyFans was created for all sorts of creators, so there is an audience for male models too. The only thing male creators should be ready for is that it might take a little more time to obtain a decent amount of followers.

Here we come to the next point we wanted to state. It is not necessary to produce content connected only with masturbation, sex, or any other adult theme to earn money.

Most common content

OnlyFans can be compared to a high-quality social network, where creators can make any content they want and earn money as soon as they obtain subscribers that are ready to pay for it monthly. As long as you have people interested in your posts, you can share anything starting with food recipes and fitness programs, going down to sex-related content and special posts based on subscriber’s requests.

So going back to content created by adult models in a public space they share beautiful photos and videos for a fair price and whatever subscriber can send some money to a model’s account and get access to the post. Though most of the income they get from private orders that they get via direct messages from their fans. Those requests could be really lurid and go far beyond your personal threshold of decency. 

The only thing we recommend is to stay in your comfort zone. Some experienced creators said that there always would be people who ask you for more than you are ready to offer. Be clear on your “no” and don’t cross the line.

Posting frequency

The way you organize your work can differ up to your choice. With OnlyFans, you can make and share photos, videos, and audio files. Your fans would show their respect with likes, payments, and tips. There are no restrictions on the frequency of your posts. You can choose a comfortable tempo. Though some expert creators advise making the regular feed update. They say that it helps to keep your fans’ interest and attract new subscribers. Our team recommends you surprise your fans with unexpected ideas and make content upon their preferences.

It is important to understand that post frequency is not the only thing that affects the success of your OnlyFans account. You have to treat it not only as a simple way to earn some money but as a serious business that requires as much planning and promotion as a huge international company. 

The scheme that works well for most of the models is as follows:

Study your audience

Don’t be afraid to start your OnlyFans page without subscribers. There are many creators who want to keep their social anonymity and hide their OnlyFans pages from fans that they have on their social media pages. The most common reason to keep your OnlyFans account in secret is an association with an industry of sex entertainment. The way out of this issue is very easy. We can offer you Scrile Connect as an alternative to create your own website with a brand-new name. 

Followers as a must for income on OnlyFans

Though if you are new to OnlyFans and not afraid that people will find out about it, there is a simple way to gain first fans in a short period of time. Offer your Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter audience a chance to follow you on OnlyFans. Here are some ideas to present your OnlyFans on social media.


This social media has some restrictions on the content you can make, though you still can share policy-approved sexy shots or short videos in stories to interest your fans and make them follow the link to your OnlyFans page, and then pay for a monthly subscription.


With this network we recommend you to check special sex Subreddits and post there your content. Also, you can find special threads about various fetishes and find a place for your promotion.


On Twitter, you can reply to several threads on official OnlyFans Twitter with 622.8k subscribers and promote your content. In addition, you can find official pages of influencers who might agree to collaborate with you and so you’ll exchange your audience.

OnlyFans’ subscribers charging

As soon as you obtain a number of subscribers that you are satisfied with, it’s time to make clear how much money you want to charge your subscribers. In Huldt’s report, it is stated that an average model takes an average of $9.99 – $14.99 for a monthly subscription. Don’t be afraid to set a low price for a subscription cause along with promotions that cost between $5.99 and $7.99 it makes your profile more attractive for subscribers. 

So taking into consideration that today OnlyFans has about 100,000 million registered users, let’s calculate the amount of your possible income. We assume that at the very beginning of your model career you’ll have 5000 subscribed fans. With the minimum amount of subscription fee $9.99 monthly you’ll earn $39,960 monthly only from subscription charges. This sum is only 80% of the total sum because OnlyFans takes a 20% commission fee from every creator, which is $9990, a lot of money that you waste because of taxes, but we’ll write about it below.

If you want to be in full control of subscriptions and charge rates. Then it would be better for you to choose not OnlyFans, but another platform that assists you with host managing tools. For instance, Scrile Connect helps to create a fully independent website as well as a simple profile with paid access to your content. The best advantage of Scrile Connect is that the chosen plan doesn’t matter at all, there are no taxes and extra charges except the regular monthly fee.  

Transform your audience and content into money

Possible money earnings with OnlyFans

Making the content that has demand and having people that are ready to pay for it be certain that you have managed all the necessary steps on the way to monthly money earning with OnlyFans.

The amount of money you earn with OnlyFans is directly connected to the average number of people subscribed to your update.

For creators with less than 5000 followers, it is normal to earn from $740 to $3700 in a month. Though take it into account that we don’t include here money that people would pay you for their personal requests or for pay-per-view messages, which are impossible to predict, while the above-mentioned numbers are only mathematical results we got from an average subscription payment and number of fans.

Guide to OnlyFans tips

According to Aella, subscriptions give 64% of earned money, while the remaining 36% is a result of pay-per-view messages and tips.

For those of you who are ambitious about increasing your income, we recommend that you consider tips. Usually, subscribers give it on your live shows or if the shared content is extraordinary and hit them right in the heart. To gain some extra payments you can produce unique content upon fans’ request. 

Mass massaging is a good tool to find out those subscribers who are ready to spend extra money on your photos, videos, and communication with you. With the help of this feature, you can send special offers to your subscribers. You can attach special unique photos available only for massage recipients or exclusive offers available for extra tips. 

Also, you can combine PPV (Pay Per View) massages with mass massaging. Here you set a minimum cost for a massage to be open, which guarantees you even a little income. 

Earning money with OnlyFans creators’ physical items

Also, you can make extra money not only with content selling your naughty videos or personal messages. With OnlyFans, you can sell some of your physical items. It can be whatever you or your subscribers like. People might be interested in the decor you used in your videos, sexy lingerie you wore on the latest sexy photos. After some time of performing on OnlyFans, it might be fun to hold an auction of some used stuff.

OnlyFans paying terms

OnlyFans chargers creators 20% of their income. So if a model got $1000 for subscriptions and interactions with the audience via paid messages, she will get $800 and $200 will go to OnlyFans as a commission. As it is stated on the official website that 20% are used to cover hosting, support, and referral payments. 

One more unattractive thing about the OnlyFans paying policy is that it limits the amount of money you can get from your fans. We believe that it is very unsatisfying for a creator to know that producing high-quality content you can charge no more than $50 for a massage or have a limit of $100 for tips you could possibly earn. Probably at the very beginning of a model career, there is nothing bad in it, but after a couple of years, you’ll obtain several who are ready to pay a couple of thousands of dollars for a single picture or a video. But because of the website’s policy, it would be impossible for you to get the money your work deserves. 

Final thoughts

Even though the search for a decent platform that you are 100% comfortable with might take a lot of time, the perspectives of the industry are worth a try. Our team wants to inspire you, so we have collected some data on the top 5 OnlyFans accounts. These top creators earn millions of dollars with OnlyFans and make it possible for everyone else. 

We do agree that OnlyFans is a good platform to earn money on a monthly basis for selling your exclusive adult and non-adult content. So making OnlyFans account. you should be ready to put in it as much passion as you want to earn on it. 

However, if you are ready to start a real business in this niche, we recommend starting your own independent platform like OnlyFans but under your own brand. For example, you can check Scrile Connect – a turnkey solution to build your own subscription marketplace platform.

How Much Money can You Make with Scrile Connect

Let’s calculate how much revenue you can make on your own OnlyFans-like website built with Scrile Connect:

For example, you invite 20 models on your platform and each model charges $9.99/month for a subscription. If each model gets 100 subscribers per month, that would be $100*20*9.99 = $19,985 just from monthly subscriptions. 

If each model manages to make $100 per day for selling exclusive content in pay-per-view messages (which is really easy by using built-in content management tools of Scrile Connect), that will be $60,000/month.

So, the total revenue of your website will be $19,985 + $60,000 = $79,985. And as the business owner and admin of the website you can take for example a 30% commission, so your monthly earning will be $23,995.

For those of you who want to study the issue deeper, check this book for more information and advice on how to start your own website like OnlyFans. You’ll get the step-by-step guide on how to integrate payment gateway and receive payments from your own site, manage creators and users, and get your own branded business platform just in 1 day with no commission fee from revenue or transaction limits.

How much money can you make monthly on OnlyFans-FAQ

What type of content should I create to earn money on OnlyFans?

There aren’t any exact types of content that bring you money. It can be whatever you like, videos of fitness exercises, unique cooking recipes, or hot exclusive photos of yours. OnlyFans is suitable for all content creators. The quality of the content is more important.

Can a male model make money on such platforms?

Yes, they can. There is no gender privilege in this industry. As OnlyFans was created for all sorts of creators, there is an audience for male models too.

What actions bring more income?

Almost a half of the creator’s income is from monthly subscriptions, the rest is covered with pay-per-view massages, tips for live shows, and selling of pre-ordered content and physical items.

Are there any other platforms except OnlyFans, where content can be turned into income?

The best OnlyFans alternative is an independent website based on Scrile Connect. It can make you a total revunue of about $80,000 per month.

Why would I choose another platform, but not OnlyFans?

Even though OnlyFans is a well-known platform, it has some serious flaws. Among them there is a high commission fee from revenue (20%), a transaction limit of $50 fee for a massage and $100 is a maximum amount for a tip.