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The industry of adult content is massive! In 2020 Bloomberg posted an article stating that OnlyFans annual income is $20 billion for sales, and $400 million for net sales. There is no surprise that today models and studios want to boost their income with another highly lucrative technology, NFT, and try to implement it in their business. The volume of NFT income in the first half of 2021 is $2.5 billion, which is an incredible surge in comparison with $13.7 million in the same time in 2020. 

  1. How to Create NFT Based OnlyFans Clone – FAQ
    1. What is NFT?
    2. What niches can benefit from NFT based OnlyFans clone platforms?
    3. What are options for making money with an OnlyFans clone site?
    4. Is there any software that can help to build NFT based OnlyFans clone site?

How to develop NFT-based OnlyFans clone | Create your own NFT based subscription marketplace like Onlyfans

Hardly can anyone deny the pleasure of being the one owning a unique piece of art. Just imagine yourself as an owner of Mona Lisa, Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, or have the right to do whatever you want with copyright rights of Stephen King’s novels with NFT; it becomes real in the digital world. 

The industry of adult content is massive! In 2020 Bloomberg posted an article stating that OnlyFans annual income is $20 billion for sales, and $400 million for net sales. There is no surprise that today models and studios want to boost their income with another highly lucrative technology, NFT, and try to implement it in their business. The volume of NFT income in the first half of 2021 is $2.5 billion, which is an incredible surge in comparison with $13.7 million in the same time in 2020. 

So for a start, let’s get over the NFT concept in general and figure out how it can be applied to the marketplace you are in. 

NFT based OnlyFans clone software Scrile Connect

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. It implies that it can’t be replaced with something else. NFTs can be any digital assets backed by blockchain, a storage technology dedicated to transmitting information in a transparent, secure, and decentralized way.

Blockchain supports these NFTs, which store extra information that makes them work differently from Ethereum. It is worth noting that other blockchains can implement their versions of NFTs.

Today, NFT is the next step of digital art development. In 2021 Q3 NFTs got $10.67 billion in trading volume. The increase of NFT is 704% in comparison with Q2. The rise of Ethereum cryptocurrency is 77% in the same period.

NFT Based OnlyFans Platform 

The development of the adult content marketplace goes pretty fast, and one of the latest novelties is NFT based OnlyFans clone sites. It is a perfect mixture of subscription platforms and digital art owning. Compared with a regular adult content platform, those that imply NFT provide their users with the unique option to be the only one who holds the image, video, or any other piece of content. No one else would possess the original thing unless you decide to share it. 

An essential point of building an NFT based OnlyFans clone is the continuous development of the NFT marketplace. If you think it is in the top position, then step aside, and you see it going far beyond the current level. 

With the disparity the adult industry faces in terms of social taboo and in the huge chargeback from banks, NFTs is the answer for all the troubles of the adult industry. NFT could be the safest way for adult creators to monetize their content and the solution to the age-old problems of discrimination towards sex workers and bans which are common seen now in the adult industry.

Who Can Benefit from NFT Based Platforms

Numerous content creators and business owners can benefit from building their business around NFT based platforms. It doesn’t matter what business niche you work in: adult content, educational courses, etc. There are options for everyone to benefit from NFT.

Adult content creators

In 2022, it seems pretty regular to be a member of this or that community, and it doesn’t matter if it provides adult content or any other. The procedure is the same for any type of membership. With NFTs, real fans have a chance to get exclusive content from models, celebrities, brands, artists that share their art on OnlyFans clone sites. NFT is an equivalent of a stamp that proves that the video or photo that you own is unique. Watermarks aren’t safe anymore; NFTs are the next step of exclusivity development.

Another significant advantage of NFTs is a royalty fee. As the original owner, a model or a studio owner gets a commission from every resold NFT item. As the person who created the piece of content, the creator is considered NFT’s original owner and has a legal right to take a commission from each resold. Commonly it is between 10 and 20 percent from the purchase amount. 

The third, but not the last advantage of applying the NFT feature to your adult content subscription-based platform business is that the identity of the content creator and the customer is protected, and the possibility of data breach tends to zero. There is no need to use an extra app or program to be incognito. Consequently, both sides of the deal can be sure to keep their personalities secret unless they choose to make it public. 

Sport online training

When going out and having sports classes became a little bit problematic, the popularity of online sports experts has grown drastically. On the one hand, people might be confused with the idea of owning exclusive content from coaches, but on the other hand, there is a genuine guarantee that the program was exclusively created for you. 

Special diet, fitness training, private workshops, or a set of yoga exercises designed and sold using the NFT services are unique and created especially for the client. 

Gaming industry

The gaming community is one of the most significant communities on the Internet. Just try to imagine the level of excitement when this or that game developing companies announce extra content on their games, new plotlines, additional game levels, or an exclusive app. With the NFT stamp, the only owner with exclusive rights for possession could be there. 

Gamers who broadcast their gaming process on the various streaming platforms are as famous as celebrities who sing or participate in multiple films or TV shows. Their special assets can be easily sold as NFT, making revenue for gamers, and help them develop streaming to gain popularity. The gaming marketplace is huge, and options for business development with NFT are numerous. 

Cookery Experts

One of the 2020 consequences is that people got used to cooking food at home. More than 36% of Americans do it at home regularly. The more people spend time in the kitchen, the more they want to have unique recipes from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. 

The demand begets supply, making Mechelen celebrities share the notes they collected for years. So one of the options is to create a platform like OnlyFans operated with the help of NFTs and track the distribution of their recipes. 

Monetization of NFT-based OnlyFans Clone Platform

Suppose the concept of making revenue with the NFT-based OnlyFans clone platform is a simple explanation. When creators make some money with the regular OnlyFans clone platform, they create content that all subscribed users would see and pay the same price. With NFT services, customers can get exclusive content and have a legal right to resell it, returning the creator a small commission. 

Guide for Perfect Platform like OnlyFans Development 

If creators consider building a regular or NFT-based OnlyFans platform, at the very beginning they should explore the marketplace. Our team takes care of creators’ time and already has done the research.

Below we have the most essential components that we met while going through popular creators’ platforms and social media.

  1. Sign up
  2. Informative profile
  3. Public content
  4. NFT listing
  5. Social media feed

For a better understanding of the marketplace let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Through the registration procedure go not only visitors who want to be regular users, but also creators. Sometimes creators and celebrities don’t want to spend time on the development of their OnlyFans clone sites, so they can go to any existing platform that accepts adult content, for example, Scrile Connect. 

Note: unlike users sign-up, the procedure for creators is a little bit different as they have to prove their personality.

Usually, users know nothing about creators (unless those creators are celebrities). So creators should provide as much information about themselves as possible. Any information is valuable, starting from name and going down to their favorite mobile apps.

Be generous, it is good for creators at first to provide some content that would be public, so everyone could see it and decide if they want to pay money to get more of it. It is beneficial for an OnlyFans clone platform to provide options for users to choose from. Some users prefer to pay for subscriptions at a fixed price and get excellent content; others prefer to have an opportunity to ask creators to make some unique photos or videos to fulfill their fantasy. 

However, some users prefer to pay for NFTs.

The marketplace of OnlyFans clones takes an active role in the development of NFTs purchases. Creators provide unique lists of NFTs available for users. To keep the users’ interest, creators may update the listing regularly and surprise them with new items. Such listings are an excellent option for celebrities to sell drafts of their songs or film bloopers. 

For the promotion of the OnlyFans clone platform, social media works well. Both celebrities and creators usually have a loyal audience following their social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. Every time creators update content on the platform, we strongly recommend posting an update announcement. It would help the development of the social media platform and attract new traffic to the OnlyFans clone platform. 

Revenue From NFT Based OnlyFans Clone Platform

We hope that our article clarifies that NFTs and OnlyFans clone platforms result in a smart solution for your revenue development. Here are some streams that can be considered as sources of income.

Revenue streams from NFT based OnlyFans clone platform

Software Solution for NFT Based OnlyFans Clone Platform

Today, some platforms offer either building an OnlyFans clone site from scratch or joining an existing platform. Whereas with Scrile Connect, creators have all options in one place. The development of Scrile Connect has gone far beyond an average software that provides services only in one direction (app, site, or existing platform). There are no limits. 

Top 7 features of Scrile Сonnect

  1. Posts scheduling;
  2. Mass messaging with paid premium attachments;
  3. Tipping;
  4. Option to block users that don’t pay;
  5. Feature for building personal interactions;
  6. Engagement development through real-time video calls and live events;
  7. Inbuilt protection tools.

Building your own OnlyFans clone platform with white label solution Scrile Connect is easier than it might seem. The user-friendly intuitive interface with a modern design moves you step by step through each stage. In the end, you get a real clone of the OnlyFans platform that is ready to change the marketplace and meet your business targets. 

Go ahead and check the pricing on the Scrile Connect landing page, or contact managers directly for a demo overview. There is the startup plan to launch your own website and test the user and creator flow on the platform just for $10/month. 

The team is ready to help you with each stage of the creation of your own OnlyFans clone site, and those of you who need an app to support your business. 

Note: app development is available for Enterprise plan clients. 

Though for those of you who are new to the world of the adult content marketplace and the concept of OnlyFans clone sites, we recommend putting an idea of an app aside for a couple of months. Concentrating on building a user-friendly platform with various subscription plans and NFT offers. 

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to step into the new era of digital content monetization? OnlyFans clone sites with NFT solutions are good to start with. The usage of new technologies is an essential part of business development. If you don’t feel confident enough about NFTs, we advise you to start with an OnlyFans clone platform with regular subscription plans. With Scrile Connect, you can always improve the site, customize and modify its features, add NFTs and shake up the marketplace of adult content. 

How to Create NFT Based OnlyFans Clone – FAQ

What is NFT?

It is a non-fungible technology that allows content creators to produce and sell exclusive pieces of digital art.

What niches can benefit from NFT based OnlyFans clone platforms?

There is no limit, it doesn’t matter what sphere you are an expert in, NFTs are applicable for everyone. There are many sport instructors, tutors, adult content creators, celebrities and models who use it for business monetization.

What are options for making money with an OnlyFans clone site?

The most popular ways to make money with OnlyFans clone sites are referral programs, paid subscription plans, NFT products, and special occasion programs.

Is there any software that can help to build NFT based OnlyFans clone site?

Yes, consider Scrile Connect as a platform that is good and clear for newbies, and a solution that you can use to make your own platform by customizing the pre-built software according to your needs.

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