5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives in 2024

Among content creators, coaches, and brand platforms that offer tools for creating a high-quality community that would respond to all of the members’ needs, Mighty Networks became a popular solution. The software market has developed and appeared some decent alternatives that offer brand new features, mobile apps, email marketing tools, and some others. In our article, we compared them and made a chart to make the comparison clear.

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

Mighty Networks became a popular solution among content creators, coach toolkits, and brand platforms that offer tools for creating a high-quality community that would respond to all the members’ needs. The software market has developed and appeared with some decent Mighty Networks alternatives that offer brand-new features, mobile apps, email marketing tools, and others. In our article, we compared them and made a chart to make the comparison clear.

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

Among content creators, coaches, and brand platforms that offer tools for creating a high-quality community that would respond to all the members’ needs, Mighty Networks became a popular software choice. Indeed, Mighty Networks offers several unique options, but with time, the software market has developed and appeared some decent Mighty Networks alternatives that offer brand-new features, mobile apps, email marketing tools, and some others. 

In our article, we compared software options upon their key features and made a chart to make the comparison clear.

Mighty Networks Alternatives

The Basics of Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks interface

Mighty Networks is an all-in-one management solution that allows you to create a community, share content similar to online courses full of texts, images, and videos. Followers can participate in discussions, ask and answer questions and unite into groups. If you are curious why people choose it among the rest same solutions, there is no clear answer. In our opinion, the key is that with Mighty Networks you can center all the communication within one platform, making a comfortable environment for customers. 

Top Features

Below, there is a list of several main features that make Mighty Networks a powerful solution that is a level higher than other representatives of the market.

Strong social community

Since online communities are one of the central features of the Mighty Networks software, communities are the most elaborate aspect of the platform. You can both get connected directly with your community members and create a customer-oriented feed where users receive free updates and news related to your business.

In a social community, both you and users with premium memberships of the community can conduct polls, you can arrange Q&As, thus getting users to know a lot more about you and the business. A host can use such a community to collect some analytics, review it and create a strategy to develop the courses and users’ productivity.

No separate course platform needed

Mighty Networks interface

The second major feature of Mighty Networks software is the integration of existing online courses into the platform or building it here from scratch. In addition, since the platform already has a well-developed community, people can join a ready-to-use the product. You don’t need to integrate the course with your Facebook group or any of the same social media.

You should understand that you have a choice to host the course and subscription options. On the one hand, you can run the course as a community-based course and add everything to your virtual platform online. On the other hand, you can create a sub-community available only to course participants. You also can decide if it would be paid or for free. 

Website Builder

When you build a social community, it’s important to remember that you do it firstly for members of the community, secondly for your pleasure. So when you work with Mighty Networks software, you end up with an intuitive platform that is easy to get used to for both android and apple users.

Intuitiveness in this case refers not only to chats, or access to digital resources, but also to the community services connected with payment methods. It is important to make the payment easy for users and understandable for both experienced members and beginners, who are about to pay for the membership for the first time. 

These three features make the Mighty Networks software popular among brands and social community creators. Though there is an important feature that should be taken into consideration choosing a platform. You should have a clear vision of the amount of money that you are ready to spend on it. Whether you offer a free or paid course, you still have to pay for the software to place your business.  


The cost of the software might play an important role for many customers, they want to understand what they are paying for. The reason why Mighty Networks software is popular among young-gun social community creators is that it has a forever-free plan. Features that are offered within this free plan are very simple, and so using it you can only explore the very basics of software management.  

At all there are 3 plans:

  • The forever free plan
  • The community plan ($28 per month)
  • The business plan ($98 per month)

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives

Now you know why Mighty Networks software is such a popular choice for course promotion and social community creation, but there is no need to put bounds on yourself and follow the most popular solution. The market has developed and many other options help, to build a decent platform for a community group or an online course. Below we listed the top 5 Mighty Networks alternatives.  

Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect

The simpler, the better, that should be your motto creating a community or a course for people. The very first Mighty Networks alternative is Scrile Connect. It is the best example of a platform that can be both a simple and safe space for member’s convenience and a high-tech solution offering great tools like intuitive mobile apps and fast email verification. 

Paths You Can Follow With Scrile Connect

With Scrile Connect you have two options. You can get the brand’s fully identified website. It gives you a chance to create your website with a personal domain, most importantly you would be the one who shapes the site. Don’t be afraid if you lack experience, there is a support team available 24/7 who are ready to help you get on well with whatever issue you have. 

For those who are not ready to create something that impressive or already have the website and are pretty satisfied with it, Scrile Connect offers you a perfect platform for mobile community creation, no matter if it is a user with an iPhone, iPad or any Android device. You fulfill the creator’s page and release the newest updates of your courses or projects. You can create a public presentation of courses trials, make live events, connect with your followers via messaging or post locked publications, that must be paid so a customer could unlock it and get access to courses or any other content. 

There are a variety of options that you can explore on our website in case you get interested in it, or contact our support team to get a private call if you need some help or any extra data.

Plans And Pricing

By the way, Scrile Connect has one of the friendliest pricing categories among all the solutions on the market.

  • Startup ($10 per month)
  • Professional ($500 per month, $250 for a first month)
  • Enterprise (flexible price)

To learn more about Scrile Connect software and get acquainted with the platform, you can start your own website just for $10/month with the startup plan to test the platform and make up your view on the software features.

Start your own website



Kajabi software is competing with Mighty Networks for a better online courses constructor. It allows you to create online courses with flexible content options. When creating your course on this platform there is no need to worry about the type of your files, or possibility to arrange them into groups. 

A significant advantage of Kajabi is that it has a range of marketing research and support tools. For example, an emailing tool, that helps you to promote new products, courses, real-time events, stores, and applications. 

Unfortunately, Kajabi doesn’t have a community or groups option. The only thing that you can make for members’ communication is a forum, so if you want to build an online community you need a third-party solution. Also unlike Mighty Networks, there is no mobile version for a course designed within Kajabi. 

It’s important to understand that this functionality is only available with the purchase of one of the plans because they have only paid plans and the least expensive one is $149 per month.


  • Basic ($149 per month)
  • Growth ($199 per month)
  • Pro ($399 per month)



AccessAlly is considered as a learning management solution. Here you can release your programs, online courses and sell them to community members. AccessAlly is a proper choice for those who develop traditional online courses. You get access to such tools as progress tracking, quizzes constructor, and video notes. 

While Mighty Networks software is completely autonomous, AccessAlly is only a WordPress plugin. That is why it probably won’t work for those who don’t have any experience in building sites. Online courses can be created only with WordPress hosting. 

The amount of money you need for AccessAlly is a sum of hosting price, WordPress installation cost, and the selected AccessAlly plan. 

AccessAlly paid plans:

  • AccessAlly Essentials ($99 per month)
  • AccessAlly Pro ($129 per month)
  • AccessAlly In-House Training ($250 per month)

Flarum Pro 

Flarum Pro

If your primary goal is to build a community, then Flarum Pro might work well for you. One of the benefits is that Flarum Pro allows creating forums within groups to boost communication between social community members. 

With Flarum Pro it is possible to create your domain and app for android and apple users. A mobile app would be popular among your younger audience, who prefer to use mobile apps instead of web versions. Moreover, it is localized into many languages, so it can be easily used almost all over the world.

Unfortunately, there is no pricing information, so we cannot make any observations of available plans. Though there is no free plan, so if you are looking for a software to spend as little money as possible, then probably this solution is not for you. As an alternative try to find a software that offers a free trial period. 



Both Podia and Mighty Networks software give you access to online courses creator and content uploads to be shared with the community members. You don’t need any third-party platforms to create and share content, because Podia has a built-in content creator that makes it easy to implement ideas. 

However, Podia doesn’t give you the ability to build a complete website or a mobile app with your brand’s identity. As Podia doesn’t have a mobile app, your students will have limited access to courses because the web version for a tablet or phone is not as good as any mobile app version. So if a user is not at home or doesn’t have access to a computer, he or she won’t be able to participate in the course. 

Paid Podia plans: 

  • Mover ($39 per month)
  • Shaker ($79 per month)
  • Earthquaker ($179 per month)

Comparison and Final Thoughts

Here are our top 5 software options, for your comfort we gathered all the basic information into one table.

Best Mighty Networks alternatives: comparison

Each case should be considered occasionally. If your only goal is to promote the product, and you have a community or a group of fans, then you can take a simple and cheap solution. But if you are up to a high-quality product, and need both a social community and a course platform, where you can realize all your ideas and plans. 

As it can be seen from the table Scrile Connect gives more options than any other alternative but also can be cheap if your budget is tight. Remember that the product that you create is for people who would pay for it to somehow develop with the required help of the support team. Create courses as if you would study them yourself. The more you do to develop your business, the more loyalty you get from your clients.