About us

Scrile was founded in 2001. Since then, we have grown in size and gained valuable experience.

Our main focus is complex B2B IT products that include scalable services, technical support, maintenance and hosting on a long-term basis.

Dmitriy, CEO
Dmitriy, CEO
Polina, Marketing Manager
Polina, Marketing Manager
«We believe that the key to success in B2B software development is the focus on product users instead of people who purchase it»
Our mission is to provide businesses with high quality IT solutions that bring outstanding value and financial success.
We deliver value to our clients by:
Lean development approach
Engaged workflow
Focus on results
Agile is a method of developing software solutions,

including complex IT projects, websites and mobile applications, that focuses on delivering a high-quality working product. It helps us improve the effectiveness and increase business value for our clients.

We focus on keeping the process lean and creating minimum viable products that go through a number of iterations before the final stage, instead of trying to deliver it all at once at the end. Agile approach means a team collaboration throughout a continual dynamic process where everyone is working together towards one goal.

Rodion, Business Development manager
Rodion, Business Development manager
Benefits of Work with Agile Team

Client Engagement

Involving the client in every step of the project helps us understand the client’s vision

Predictable Delivery

Scheduled time sprints let deliver new features quickly with a high level of predictability

Flexibility and Change

New tasks can be planned at any stage, which help to introduce changes within a few weeks

Scrum is the way to create innovations

It organizes software developers as a team to reach a common goal — creating a ready-for-market product.

With regular and partial deliveries of the product, we realized that Scrum is better suited to projects with complex environments, where innovations are essential.

Anna & Ilya, Backend and Frontend developers
Anna & Ilya, Backend and Frontend developers

How do we work

Scrum is based on incremental development

Scrum process is divided into 1 - week sprints, during which cross-functional teams of 3 - 7 developers create a valuable product.

Each sprint starts with...

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