Best Alternatives to Facebook Groups

Community creation seems to be not an easy task. For a long time, Facebook has been a good source that helped people to gather into different groups and communities united by common interests, social roles, and common ideas. Though the time has passed and Facebook is not the only choice for community builders. In our article, we have collected all the information you need to know if you are about to create a community or transfer an existing one from Facebook to a new space.

  1. Facebook Groups Phenomena
  2. Why look for alternatives?
  3. 7 most variable alternative platforms
  4. Final word

Community creation seems to be not an easy task. For a long time, Facebook has been a good source that helped people to gather into different groups and communities united by common interests, social roles, and common ideas. Though the time has passed and Facebook is not the only choice for community builders. In our article, we have collected all the information you need to know if you are about to create a community or transfer an existing one from Facebook to a new space.  

Facebook Groups Phenomena

Hardly can anyone find a person who would deny the fact that Facebook has become an essential part of our daily life. Billions of people use it all over the world to communicate one-to-one or in a group, share life experiences and socialize. All these important processes happen on the basis of the same platform. So there is no surprise that these people who use Facebook are automatically added to the Facebook Groups audience. 

To be able to make a thoughtful decision about alternatives for Facebook Groups, we should clear up the reasons why people absorb the idea of switching from Facebook groups to something else. 

But firstly, let’s go through Facebook Groups functionality. Once Mark Zuckerberg compared Facebook with a town, where a group can be considered as a square. People come to this public place, everyone can step in and find whatever they are looking for. Even without a map, you won’t get lost in a group, all Facebook groups are like twins that try to have a different appearance. 

At the very core, Facebook offers creators space where they can share their content for free, communicate with their audience, and build their social credit within the group. The best thing about Facebook Groups is that it is quite self-sufficient. Though it is created by an influencer or a brand, after some time group members create discussions, share posts somehow connected with the group’s theme, and might even create some real-life events. 

Why look for alternatives?

Even though Facebook Groups seem to be such a useful tool, there are still reasons why people might look for alternatives. Here are some of them.

Reach is not that high as expected

With the growth of the community comes both positive and negative aspects. One of the negative sides is that it becomes more and more difficult to distribute your content and knowledge to the audience. The news feed Facebook is updated non-stop, the skill of clickbait has long been mastered, so it has lost its power, paid advertisement is always higher than the content of free communities and groups. 

Developing your social community based on the Facebook platform you become a full-fledged hostage of Facebook algorithms. You don’t determine the content visible to your audience, Facebook does. 

No way to monetize your content

Having worked with various community-building services for a long time, we agree that Facebook Groups have a simple and clear constructor, but they do not offer any monetization opportunities at all. You do not get paid for your work and unique information, which has its specific value. 

Limited variety of content 

If you are a talented person with unique skills that you are willing and able to share with others, Facebook is not the best choice. Unfortunately, Facebook will not allow you to run your original course in your group. It simply does not have that functionality. 

This aspect limits you because you can’t monetize this course anyway, you lose more and more opportunities. Creating a community on one platform, but offering a product on another, you are scattering the audience’s attention. 

Everything centered around Facebook

Facebook is well-known as one of the giants of the social network market, Facebook strives for independence. So a lot of information presented on Facebook will be invisible to most search engines. 

This disadvantage determines your popularity. Imagine the situation when your potential fan goes through Google in search of content and does not see anything you shared in your Facebook group, so he or she would not join the ranks of your audience. 

Here we have some questions for you. Can you live with these Facebook weak sides? Do you need a well-built social community as a self-sufficient platform with various content presented or just a free group with limited options for posting? Are you full of ideas that you want to fulfill or you have just a blurred picture in your head? 

Anyway, no matter what your answers are, we just wanted to make you think about your goals, to make it easier to choose a platform, cause there is a great variety of Facebook alternatives. In the list below we reviewed several options that would make a match with you regardless of the requirements. 

7 most variable alternative platforms

Below we described 7 most popular and unexpected alternatives for Facebook groups. We hope it will help you to define the one software that would attract you more than Facebook and satisfy you on every point. 


Patreon is a popular solution for creative people whose primary goal is to monetize their knowledge and products. Patreon can be used both by people who already have a community and those who are about to gather their first social group. 

The key feature that sets Facebook Groups aside is easy monetization. With Patreon, you offer monthly subscriptions for your community members and create different plans for different groups of subscribers. There are different plans with various levels of access to information. 

For creators Patreon offers three different plans. Lite, Pro, and Premium.

  • Lite – a basic set of tools, with workshop option and 5% commission. 
  • Pro – a perfect option for business, analytic tools, unlimited app integration, and 8% commission.
  • Premium – improved Pro plan, team account, personal manager, and 12% commission.

As for the drawbacks we want to mention though Patreon offers support on all plans, in fact, many creators complain that it takes days to get any help from the support team. Also, with a great variety of monetization, Patreon lacks community promotion tools. 

Slack teams

Slack is like Facebook but mostly for corporate clients. Primarily it is used by various organizations to create corporate communities. Slack gained its popularity due to its ease of use and convenient functionality for communication which is organized on the principle of creating different groups or so-called channels within a community. 

Slack offers a free application that is easy to download. The basic functionality of the application can be enhanced by purchasing advanced options. You can use third-party tools to add new features. 

There are 4 plans offered by Slack:

  • Free – perfect for small teams, 10000 messages, one-to-one voice, and video calls.
  • Standard – medium-sized companies, saved messages, voice and video calls with up to 15 team members, $6.67/month. 
  • Plus – for larger businesses, additional administration functions, 24/7 support, $12.50/month.
  • Enterprise Grid – big companies with extra needs, support up to 500,000 users, price upon request. 

For disadvantages, we can mention an inability to customize the image, no way for direct monetization, better be used for groups of people who already know each other. 


The Kajabi service is a polar alternative for the Facebook Group. Unlike Facebook Groups, Kajabi offers users full integration into the company’s existing site. So the user implements the functions of a forum, community, and more. 

Last but not least, with Kajabi you can integrate SEO tools and new information products created especially for your audience. 

Kajabi has 3 plans available.

  • Basic – 3 products, 1000 members, 1 website, 1 administrator, $119/month
  • Groth – 15 products, 10,000 members, 1 website, 10 administrators, $159/month
  • Pro – 100 products, 20,000 members, 3 websites, 25 administrators, $319/month

The only drawback for Kajabi we’ve found in the process of getting used to it. Lots of users complain that it took way too much time to get on well with the software. There are even those who refused to keep working with Kajabi because it was too hard to figure out with it. 

Scrile Connect

You have a clear picture in your head and know what your community should be. Well then go big and create your own space with Scrile Connect. Being a host you can define the image, group organization, and management. 

One of the reasons why people switch from Facebook Groups for something else is that they can’t be the head of their community. Hosts play under Facebook rules and their imagination and creativity are limited by guidelines. With Scrile Connect you are the master, no one can tell you what you can or cannot post, what should be the price for access to extra posts, etc. 

Scrile Connect offers 3 plans for different goals and tasks. 

  • Startup – good for those who are only at the very beginning, 10 builder pages, 5 GB storage, $10/month, no commission 
  • Professional – a choice for amateur creators, unlimited builder pages, 1000 GB storage, $500/month ($250 for a first month), no commission 
  • Enterprise – for those who are ready to step in a big game, source code access, premium support, flexible price (for more information ask our team)

A route to success might be difficult, everyone might get lost and make wrong choices. For such cases, Scrile Connect has a team that can answer your questions 24/7.


The alternative that could compete for popularity with Facebook is Reddit. Reddit is a multifunctional social network where people communicate, exchange information, and gather in groups or social communities. The main characteristic of the site is an open source and free access.

The main advantage of Reddit is that the content published on the platform is indexed by Google. The level of access to published content can also be controlled by the creator and there are 3 levels public, limited and private. 

Being so popular Reddit is full of distraction, such as paid advertisement, that distracts members’ attention to your community. By the way, there is no way you could customize your community to your brand’s style. Which also cuts the chances of the community to be recognized straight forward. 


MeWe is probably the most unobvious contender to replace the Facebook Groups. MeWe has an intuitive interface that both members and community hosts easily get used to. 

MeWe entered the platform market not that long ago, so it is great of them that they offer free usage. Anyone can sign up for a platform, and choose for themselves if they want to be creators or members who watch the content. 

Though we have admitted an aspect that made us doubt the platform. We went through terms that you have to agree to get free access to MeW. There is a shady statement about unacceptable content. This point forbids you from posting any immoral and obscene content, but the criteria, according to which the content is considered unworthy of publication, is not specified. Thus, MeWe reserves the right to delete any publication you create.


Many little people have ever considered Twitter as a platform where they could create or become a part of the community. But it might become a perfect option for an exact group of brands or creators.

In case you have an idea of creating a community of meme fans, or you want to gather a group of expats who are ready to share their unique experience and people who look for this first-hand information. Well, think of Twitter.

You can share quick jokes in your tweets, or write well-structured unlimited threads. You can share short videos and any photos you want (even of adult content). There are two options for your social community on this platform. It can be public, so any member can read, reply and share your content. Another option is a private page, so you would personally approve all the members who want to get access to the group. 

Twitter is known all over the world and has an audience no less than Facebook. So it is completely free and available for everyone. Though you never could monetize the created content directly from Twitter cause it doesn’t have such an option. 

Final word

Our golden 7 has been set above, but for your convenience, we’ve gathered the information in one table to make all the pros and cons clear for you. 

We hope our table made the choice easier for you. Because we understand how hard it might be to make a final decision. For those of you who are interested in Scrile Connect here, you can contact our team for more information and start the story of your social community.