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OnlyFans vs Just For Fans: Is It a Game-Changing Alternative?

In this comprehensive comparison of OnlyFans and Just For Fans, we delve into the features, benefits, and monetization strategies of both platforms. We explore the differences that make one platform stand out over the other, helping you make an informed decision about where to host your content. Moreover, we introduce a powerful alternative, Scrile Connect, a platform that puts content creators in the driving seat, offering full ownership, a range of monetization tools, and the ability to create a unique brand identity.

Just For Fans vs OnlyFans: Unveiling the Best Platform and Exploring a Powerful Alternative

Just For Fans vs OnlyFans: Unveiling the Best Platform and Exploring a Powerful Alternative

Just For Fans vs OnlyFans: Unveiling the Best Platform and Exploring a Powerful Onlyfans and just for fans Alternative


With the advent of digital media, platforms like Just For Fans and OnlyFans have surged in popularity. These platforms provide a more comprehensive adult experience, presenting a lucrative opportunity for adult content creators. They serve as a unique marketplace where fans review and pay for premium content, connecting creators with a targeted audience.

In this article, we will delve deeper into these two platforms, comparing OnlyFans vs Just For Fans side by side, exploring their key features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Understanding Just For Fans

What is Just For Fans?

Just For Fans, often shortened to JFF, has established itself as a major player in the adult business. As an online adult content platform, it provides creators a legit website to share video clips, photos, and other content with their fans.

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For content creators, particularly within the gay community, JFF has become a robust tool for monetizing adult content.

The platform caters specifically to this demographic, providing a tailored space for creators to engage with their fans and generate revenue from their content.

While sharing similarities with other social media platforms and adult content sites like OnlyFans, JFF stands out for its dedicated focus on adult content creators and their fan interactions.

Who Uses Just For Fans?

Just For Fans has been embraced by a variety of adult content creators including adult models, cam girls, and sex workers. It also has a strong following among male models and creators from the LGBT community. By providing a platform to upload content and earn from it, JFF has become a popular choice among new creators looking for an OnlyFans alternative. The platform’s popularity is further boosted by its strong organic discovery mechanism, which helps fans discover creators they may love.

What is the Main Purpose of Just For Fans?

The main purpose of Just For Fans is to provide a platform for adult content creators to monetize their premium content. Creators can earn money through subscription fees, selling PPV content, and via affiliate and referral programs.

The platform targets an audience that appreciates adult niche content, with a monthly fee paid by fans to access content. Furthermore, the platform hosts an adult industry directory, making it easier for fans to find their favorite performers.

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Just For Fans Unique Features

  1. Paywalled Feed

One of the main features of Just For Fans is its paywalled feed. This is where creators can post exclusive content – from video clips to photo sets, accessible only to their paid subscribers. By offering such feature, JFF empowers adult content creators to monetize their creative work. This can range from professional shoots at exclusive shooting locations to personal content created on a weekly basis. Free content is also available, offering a glimpse of the premium content posted, enticing potential subscribers.

  1. Live Web Cams

Another intriguing feature is the provision of live web cams. Content creators can provide live streaming sessions, allowing an intimate and real-time interaction with their fans. The engagement from live streaming tends to be higher than regular posts, and this feature is particularly loved by cam girls and certain models. Moreover, live streaming opens the door for creators to earn extra money through tips during the stream. It is important to note, however, that this function is not found on all similar platforms.

  1. Store

The store is a key feature on Just For Fans that differentiates it from other social media platforms. Creators can sell a variety of items, including digital content like videos, as well as physical goods. The store, therefore, provides a unique monetization channel for creators, and a way for fans to acquire custom content from their favorite performers.

  1. Exclusive Performers

Just For Fans hosts exclusive performers that can only be found on their platform. These performers often bring a dedicated fan base, driving traffic and boosting the discoverability of new accounts. Moreover, the exclusive performers often provide a unique adult experience that fans can’t find on other platforms.

  1. Charitable Giving Program

In a unique move for an adult industry platform, Just For Fans also offers a charitable giving program. This allows both creators and fans to contribute towards chosen causes, demonstrating the platform’s commitment not just to facilitating adult content creation, but also to giving back to the community.

  1. Additional Features

Another aspect that makes JFF popular among creators is the variety of features it offers to enhance the content creation process. For example, creators can connect their Twitter accounts for easier sharing and promotion. Also, JFF’s search function allows fans to easily find creators based on their interests. Plus, the site provides an adult industry directory, useful for networking and collaboration.

Payouts and Withdrawals on Just For Fans

Payment Percentage for Content Creators

Just For Fans (JFF) and OnlyFans have a similar commission structure. On both platforms, creators retain a significant share of their earnings – 80% on OnlyFans and 70% on JFF. However, JFF offers an enticing proposition for exclusive performers who choose to use JFF as their sole fan platform. These exclusive creators can pocket an elevated 85% of their revenue, leaving only a 15% commission for the platform. Although this 10% differential may seem small, it can accumulate to a substantial sum, making the decision between the two platforms more nuanced.

Payouts and Withdrawals

The payout process in JFF is slightly more rigid compared to OnlyFans. JFF has a minimum payout of $50, which is notably higher than OnlyFans’ $20 minimum. Furthermore, the payout schedule on JFF is either weekly or monthly, lacking the flexibility of payout-on-demand offered by competitors like Fansly.

Payment options on Just Fans are geographically dependent – creators in Canada, Australia, Mexico, the EU, USA, and the UK can receive payments via bank transfers. Creators from other countries are limited to cryptocurrency or Paxum. This crypto payout feature, though, makes JFF an attractive choice for those preferring flexible payment processing solutions.

Just For Fans Usability for Creators

Platform Design and User Experience

Just For Fans (JFF) does not score high on user-friendliness. The platform design can come across as outdated and confusing, with an interface that doesn’t always lend itself to intuitive navigation. Even essential tasks like setting up subscription prices or accessing the messaging feature can be challenging to locate and operate.

Interestingly, JFF requires potential performers to sign up through an existing Twitter account. This requirement can pose a hurdle for creators without a Twitter login. It’s also relatively easy to mistakenly sign up as a fan due to the site’s somewhat ambiguous user experience design.

What’s Just For Fans’ Customer Support Like?

While JFF may lack an extensive FAQ section, its customer support team fills the gap with commendable service. Creators can reach out to the support team via email, Twitter, or the platform’s “help button”. Response times are generally swift, with knowledgeable answers provided in under 30 minutes.

However, the absence of more comprehensive resources for self-help leaves JFF trailing behind other platforms. Ideally, most creator queries should be addressed in a simple FAQ or resource library, which is unfortunately lacking on JFF.

Prevention against Fraud and Piracy

Despite certain drawbacks, JFF shines in its robust commitment to combating fraud and piracy. Founder Dominic Ford, also the owner of anti-piracy company Porn Guardian, has geared JFF towards proactive piracy prevention.

Should creators discover their content on external websites, they can report it for removal. The platform also provides an innovative anti-piracy tool called “JFF Fingerprinting”. This feature, accessible to all exclusive performers, embeds user information into all videos streamed and downloaded from the platform. This tactic aids in tracing piracy back to its source. Such commitment to content protection signals JFF’s serious stance against piracy in the adult industry.

Just For Fans Pros and Cons

Before making a final decision on whether to choose Just For Fans, it’s important to weigh the platform’s pros and cons.

Made by a creator, for creators$50 minimum payout amount
Strong LGBT communityBi-monthly payouts only
Decent trafficOutdated design and unintuitive usability

These considerations reflect a combination of elements, including community, design, payouts, and usability. Though JFF does have its advantages, some significant drawbacks may influence your decision to use this platform for your content creation needs.

OnlyFans vs Just For Fans: Key Differences

  • Payment percentage for creators

Both platforms enable creators to earn money from subscriptions, tips, etc., but they differ significantly in terms of the earnings’ split. On OnlyFans, creators retain 80% of their income, while OnlyFans takes 20%. Just For Fans gives creators 70%, leaving 30% for the platform. Despite Just For Fans falling short by 10%, it is still a significant share. But given the choice, OnlyFans’ 80% offer is more appealing.

  • Traffic and being found

Promotion and discoverability are crucial for gaining traffic. Both platforms require creators to advertise their pages and grow their following, often leveraging social media platforms. OnlyFans allows creators to offer free previews to attract audiences, while Just For Fans enables creators to generate traffic through an affiliate link. However, there’s no inherent advantage for either platform in terms of organic discovery.

  • Monetization tools for creators

Each platform has unique offerings. The chart below gives a summary of the core features.

FeaturesOnlyFansJust For Fans
Live StreamingYesNo
Selling Individual ClipsYesYes
Text MessagingNoYes
Customized ItemsNoYes

Although it seems Just For Fans offers more, OnlyFans has some workarounds. Customized content can still be offered on OnlyFans, and while text messaging isn’t supported, the platform has pay-per-view messages. Given these considerations, OnlyFans has an edge over Just For Fans.

  • Payouts

The payout frequency and minimums are another point of difference. OnlyFans has a minimum payout of $20 and allows creators to request payouts whenever they want. In contrast, Just For Fans has a $50 minimum and weekly payouts. While Just For Fans supports cryptocurrency payouts and OnlyFans doesn’t, the former’s higher minimum payout and lower flexibility make OnlyFans the more convenient choice and a better platform.

  • Affiliate and referral program

Both platforms offer referral and affiliate program, with a 5% revenue share. However, OnlyFans’ creator referral program is open to everyone, whereas Just For Fans’ program is considered “semi-exclusive” with unclear eligibility criteria. Therefore, OnlyFans has the upper hand here due to its openness.

  • Audience Appeal

While both platforms are open to all genders and orientations, they have different core audiences. OnlyFans primarily caters to female content creators (and their male fans), whereas Just For Fans leans more towards gay male creators and fans. Therefore, considering your audience is crucial when choosing a platform. However, in terms of audience appeal, it’s a draw.

These comparisons point out that both OnlyFans vs Just For Fans have their unique strengths and weaknesses. As a creator, the choice depends on which factors are more important to you and which platform better caters to your specific needs and target audience.

Starting Your Content Creator Website Like Just For Fans and OnlyFans

Your own Just For Fans or OnlyFans alternative website based on Scrile Connect

In the rapidly growing world of content creator platforms, the desire for more control over content, earnings, and personal branding has led many to explore the possibility of starting their own site. In this endeavor, Scrile Connect serves as an excellent resource. It’s a turnkey solution that provides a user-friendly platform, enabling content creator to build, customize, and manage their independent sites with relative ease.

Key Benefits of Using Scrile Connect:

  • Full Ownership: Scrile Connect provides creators with full ownership over their content, branding, and business decisions, making it an attractive platform for those seeking control.

  • Personalized Branding: The platform supports custom domains, allowing creators to have unique website URLs that resonate with their brand. Combined with a customizable interface, this feature helps enhance the creator’s connection with their audience.

  • Multiple Monetization Options: Beyond monthly subscription, Scrile Connect enables creators to monetize their content through various avenues, including pay-per-view content, tips, live streams, paid calls, and merchandise sales.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Scrile Connect offers detailed insights and analytics, helping creators better understand their audience, track performance, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Dedicated Support: To ensure a smooth experience, Scrile Connect offers dedicated support to promptly resolve any issues, enabling creators to focus on producing and managing their content.

  • No Commission Fee: With 0% commission fee from revenue, Scrile Connect allows creators to retain all of their earnings and make more money. This significantly higher income share compared to platforms like OnlyFans and Just For Fans makes Scrile Connect a more lucrative option for creators.

Final Thoughts

The rise of platforms like OnlyFans and Just For Fans has revolutionized the way content creators can interact with their audience and monetize their content. These platforms provide a digital space where creators can offer their followers exclusive access to their content for a fee.

However, while these platforms have their merits, they also come with limitations, such as high commission fees and less control over one’s brand and content. This has led to the emergence of alternatives like Scrile Connect, which allows creators to build their own monetized websites with full ownership, customization options, and varied monetization strategies.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that the key to success in this realm is creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience, engaging with your followers consistently, and effectively leveraging the monetization tools at your disposal.


Is Just For Fans Safe?

Yes, Just For Fans is a secure platform. Operating similarly to OnlyFans, it allows content creators to produce and share content that subscribers can view in exchange for a monthly fee. Its various features are designed to enable individuals to safely generate revenue from their content.

Can You Be Anonymous On Just For Fans?

No, you can’t maintain complete anonymity on Just For Fans. While you can use a pseudonym or stage name for your public profile, payment information is still required, meaning the platform itself will have access to some of your personal information.

Is it possible to start your own website like Just For Fans or OnlyFans?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to start your own website similar to Just For Fans or other OnlyFans alternatives. Services like Scrile Connect provide a turnkey solution, offering an all-in-one platform that empowers creators to build and run their own sites. This offers benefits such as greater control over content, branding, and business decisions, and potentially a higher percentage of earnings.

Which is Better OnlyFans or Just For Fans?

The choice between OnlyFans and Just For Fans depends on the needs and goals of the creator. For beginners, OnlyFans is often a better choice due to its larger audience and more diverse content offerings, making it suitable for a wide range of creators. However, if your primary focus is on creating adult content, Just For Fans might be a more suitable platform, as it specifically caters to adult content creators.

Is OnlyFans Secure?

Yes, OnlyFans is generally secure for both content creators and subscribers. The platform provides a secure online environment for content creators to share videos, photos, and text, and connects them with their fans. OnlyFans handles hosting and payment processing and charges a commission fee on creators’ earnings. The platform implements various security measures to protect user data and transactions.

What Are the Risks of OnlyFans?

The risks associated with using OnlyFans include:

  • Exposure of Personal Information: There is a potential risk of personal information being exposed.
  • Content Leaks: Unauthorized distribution of content can occur.
  • Hacking: The platform may be targeted by cyberattacks.
  • Online Harassment: Creators may face harassment from users.
  • Phishing Attacks and Scams: Users should be cautious of fraudulent activities and scams.

Users should be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to protect their privacy and security while using the platform.

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