The Best White Label Community Platform

Creating a platform for an online community, it is important to figure out what kind of software you should use and how you want your subscribers to see it. In this article, we help you to study all the aspects of white label community platform.

The Best Community Platform

The Best Community Platform

  1. The Essence of the White Label Community
    1. Mainstream network VS white label community
  2. Features of the White Label Community
    1. Live Feed
    2. Posts
    3. Reactions
    4. Statistics
    5. Networking
  3. Reasons to Choose White Label Community
    1. Income perks
    2. Unlimited options for implication
    3. Time management
  4. How to Choose a White Label Software
    1. Software We Believe in
      1. Final Thoughts

        Creating a platform for an online community, it is important to figure out what kind of software you should use and how you want your subscribers to see it. In this article, we help you to study all the aspects of white label community platform.

        The Essence of the White Label Community

        The term White label platform is used to define special software created by a company that offers it to customers who can create their own customized platform based on the software. 

        These platforms allow you to minimize your efforts and create a smart product. You build a unique web space for a group of people united by the same interest. With white label software, there is no need to have special skills in programming and app building. It makes this approach the best choice for those, who don’t want to spend dozens of thousands of dollars but still need a site for the platform under your own brand. 

        If this approach sounds appealing to you, we advise you to go on reading this blog post. Below, we have prepared a full research about features of white label community software and stated the best solution for launching our own platform. 

        Mainstream network VS white label community

        Starting an online community brands should consider if they choose to create a public page on such a website as Facebook or run their own community with the help of a white label platform. 

        It is important to understand that even though huge online platforms have billions of live users your community might be buried under numerous notifications and algorithms of these platforms. It might result awful for brand-new communities, even organizations with numerous audiences need to fight for their attention on such platforms. 

        An online community created with the help of white label software offers a solution for building a direct connection between the brand and the audience. 

        Features of the White Label Community

        Software companies try to make community-building as simple as possible, so creating it yourself the final result wouldn’t be much different from a community created by a team of highly skilled professionals. Here are features that white label software helps to deal with on the way to a perfect platform. 

        Live Feed

        Posts, photos, and various updates appear in the user’s feed. It is designed to keep users informed about news and changes made on the pages they are subscribed to within the community. 


        The type of posts depends on the type of the community. Posts can be created both by a brand that owns the community and by people, public pages presented on the website. The most common types are:

        • Media content (photos, videos, etc.)
        • Articles 
        • Discussions


        An essential part of public communities is an option to demonstrate your attitude towards the posted content. Members can use special buttons for example Like and Dislike buttons on YouTube. Also, you can express your opinion in the comments section. On some platforms, reactions are used to collect statistics and figure out the type of content that is interesting for the audience. 


        As we mentioned above, some websites use reactions to collect statistics and analyze the environment of the community. It helps the brand that owns the online community to understand the audience’s perception of the product. Also, it helps to study the course of companies developing. 


        One of the most fantastic features of websites that help to unite people in communities is a friendly environment for networking. It helps people to make groups, find soulmates, and share ideas. The process is as simple as possible: you find people or communities you are interested in, follow them, share your thoughts and communicate successfully. 

        Reasons to Choose White Label Community

        If you are still unsure that white label software is a proper choice for your company. Here are some benefits of white label sites. 

        Income perks

        It saves your money not only on the stage of choosing between hiring an experienced team and building a site on your own with the help of white label software. With a white label site, it is easy for brands to earn extra money. Companies can modify their platforms, both on their own, and with the help of a team that provides the software. For instance, with Scrile Connect you can be sure that our team is always ready to discuss special features you need for your website. 

        Unlimited options for implication

        No matter what type of product or community you have, white label platforms can be used for various purposes. There are companies that provide software that helps to deal with several issues, among them are SEO features, web design, app creation, and website analytics. 

        Time management

        As we mentioned above, white label software helps brands to manage various aspects of community administration, so you can spend less effort on the site. It saves time, and companies can arrange it on the business. 

        How to Choose a White Label Software

        Remember that building an online community, it would be not only an implementation of your brand but also a platform for your audience to interact with the product and build relations within it. So your online platform should have not only a good design, satisfying statistics but also a user-friendly interface. 

        Except for a user-friendly interface pay your attention to the following issues:

        • Community managing tools
        • System of inbuilt payments (subscription fee, purchase of info products, etc.)
        • Support of multimedia content
        • App building support

        Probably you would say that any feature isn’t essential, but be sure that it is better to have a full set of options, instead of realizing a couple of years later that the chosen software doesn’t offer a solution to your new idea. 

        Software We Believe in

        Taking into account all the above-mentioned we want to recommend you Scrile Connect platform as a solution for a white label website. It offers several plans with a special set of features that would work perfectly for any budget.  

        With Scrile Connect you get not only 24/7 support, but also confidence in the product that you get at the end with this solution. Applying for one of the provided plans you will get a high-quality product at the end. 

        Scrile Connect offers not only great technical support like managing hosting of your site, control over privacy protection or offer with extendable cloud storage, it helps you with the visual aspect of the final product. 

        To make the visual image of your online community unique and reflect your own identity there are two ways available. On the one hand you can choose to work with default templates and modify it with the help of filters offered in your plan. On the other hand, you can take full control over the source code and manage not only design aspect, but add brand-new features to your online community.  

        Start your own website

        Final Thoughts

        The choice between a white label community and the rest alternatives might seem really hard at first. It should be based on the purpose of the online community, what you would offer to your potential audience and the amount of time and effort you are ready to spend on its launching. 

        White label community is a simple and ready to go solution for those who want to have full control over the product, but still aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on hiring a third-party company to create a platform from scratch.