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What Makes the Most Money on OnlyFans?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the stats, examine the advantages of launching your own OnlyFans-like website using Scrile Connect, and offer insights to help you maximize your earnings on social media platforms.

If you’re wondering what makes the most money on OnlyFans, the answer lies in the power of private messaging. While many believe that monthly subscriptions are the primary source of income for creators, a careful analysis of three projects based on the Scrile Connect platform demonstrates that a significant portion of earnings comes from message attachments, tips, and content sales from profile.

Maximizing Income on OnlyFans: The Power of Private Messaging and Additional Revenue Streams in Summer 2024

Private messaging is proving to be a lucrative income source for creators on OnlyFans in 2024. While monthly subscriptions are essential, analysis from platforms like Scrile Connect reveals that earnings are significantly boosted by message attachments, tips, and sales of exclusive content directly from profiles. This diversified approach underscores the importance of engaging directly with fans and offering personalized content to maximize revenue on the platform.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the stats, examine the advantages of launching your own OnlyFans-like website using Scrile Connect, and offer insights to help you maximize your earnings on social media platforms.

Analysis of the three projects

Project 1: Earnings distribution and trends

In Project 1, the distribution of earnings showed a consistent pattern over the three months analyzed. While monthly subscriptions made up a significant portion of income (49% in January, 48% in February, and 46% in March), message attachments were a close second (33%, 31%, and 36% respectively). Content sales from the profile contributed less (6%, 3%, and 2%), but tips were on the rise (6%, 14%, and 15%). Interestingly, the “others” category decreased from 5% to 1%.

Project 2: Earnings distribution and trends

Project 2 revealed an even stronger reliance on message attachments, which made up the majority of earnings (66% in January, 64% in February, and 68% in March). Monthly subscriptions played a smaller role (24%, 25%, and 22%), while content sales from the profile remained low (1%, 1%, and 2%). Tips stayed consistent at 8%, and the “others” category fluctuated slightly between 1% and 2%.

Project 3: Earnings distribution and trends

Project 3 presented a more diverse distribution of income sources. Monthly subscriptions still held a large share (39% in January, 48% in February, and 44% in March), but content sales from the profile (14%, 14%, and 15%) and tips (27%, 19%, and 22%) also played a major role. Message attachments increased from 8% to 16% over the three months, while the “others” category declined from 12% to 2%.

Conclusions from the provided stats

Importance of private messaging as a revenue source

The analysis of these three projects clearly shows that private messaging, specifically message attachments, can be a significant source of income for OnlyFans creators. While monthly subscriptions do contribute a substantial amount, the potential for earnings from private messages is often overlooked.

Comparison between subscriptions and other sources of income

As demonstrated in the projects, other sources of income such as tips and content sales from the profile can be equally or even more lucrative than monthly subscriptions. This highlights the importance of diversifying income streams and engaging with fans through various channels, including direct messaging and paid posts.

Identifying best practices for maximizing earnings

To maximize earnings on OnlyFans, creators should focus on providing high-quality content and engaging with their audience through multiple channels. Offering a range of content, from free content to exclusive access for subscribers, can help creators build a loyal following and generate consistent income. Additionally, exploring options such as a tip menu, custom content, and PPV content can create additional revenue streams.

Advantages of launching your own OnlyFans-like website using Scrile Connect

Customization and control over your platform

By building your own OnlyFans-like website using Scrile Connect, you gain complete control over your platform’s design, features, and functionality. This customization allows you to create a unique and branded experience that caters to your audience’s specific needs and interests. You can also tailor the subscription pricing and content offerings to your target market, optimizing your earning potential.

Diversifying income streams

Launching your own content subscription service provides an opportunity to diversify your income streams beyond OnlyFans. You can experiment with various monetization strategies, such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and exclusive access to premium content. By diversifying, you’re less reliant on a single platform and can mitigate potential risks associated with changes in platform policies or market conditions.

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Building a loyal audience and maintaining a strong brand

Having your own platform allows you to cultivate a loyal audience without the distractions and competition present on other social media platforms. You can focus on creating high-quality content and building meaningful connections with your fans. Moreover, owning your platform enables you to maintain and grow your brand’s reputation, as you control the entire user experience from start to finish.

Benefits of an affiliate program

Incorporating an affiliate program on your platform is an excellent way to encourage your fans to promote your content and attract new subscribers. By offering incentives for successful referrals, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and expand your reach organically.

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What Generates the Most Money on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, the most lucrative income streams include subscriptions, direct messaging, tips, and pay-per-view content. These methods provide a variety of ways for creators to monetize their interactions and content. Subscriptions are a steady source of income, while direct messaging, tips, and pay-per-view content offer additional ways to earn, catering to different preferences and interests of subscribers.

What Do Most People Earn on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans statistics reveal a wide range of earnings among its users. While the majority of accounts earn less than $151 per month, the top 1% of accounts rake in 33% of the money on the platform. The average earnings from OnlyFans are between $150 and $180 per month. It’s important to note that OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of its users’ transactions. The platform continues to grow rapidly, with 500,000 new users and 7,000 new content creators joining each day, contributing to its 210 million registered users.

What Can I Post on OnlyFans to Make Money?

To make money on OnlyFans, consider creating and charging for premium content. This approach involves offering your most exclusive and appealing content, such as pictures, videos, or voice notes, for a fee. Subscribers who pay for this content gain special access. OnlyFans suggests that if your free content already excites your subscribers, paid posts will stand out even more, enticing them to pay for the premium experience.


In conclusion, private messaging, particularly message attachments, tips, and content sales from the profile, play a significant role in making money on OnlyFans, sometimes even surpassing monthly subscriptions. By analyzing the three projects based on the Scrile Connect platform, we can see the potential of diversifying income sources and the advantages of launching your own content subscription service. Embracing these insights and leveraging platforms like Scrile Connect can help creators optimize their earnings and build a sustainable and successful online business.

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