Top 11 AI Sexting Apps For Spicy Chatting With AI Girlfriend

What are some of the top AI Sexting apps and websites where you can talk or sext with an AI girlfriend or boyfriend? I have listed the best 11 apps where you can sign up, create an AI GF/BG and start sexting with them. You can also choose to how you can talk with them and choose their physical features.

Top AI Sexting Apps for sext with an AI girlfriend or Boyfriend

Top AI Sexting Apps for sext with an AI girlfriend or Boyfriend

In this article, we have mentioned the top AI Sexting apps that can talk spicy to AI companions. Or if you are looking to build your own AI sexting app and make money, keep reading till the end.

The advent of AI sexting apps has made making a deep, meaningful connection so much easier. Not only do these AI chatbots connect with you on an emotional level, but they also help improve your sex talk. Therefore, they make the whole notion of intimacy easier for all their users. 

Having said that, there are still hundreds of these applications out there, so which ones should you choose to get the best, most realistic sexting experience?

To provide you with a solution, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the 11 best AI sexting apps out there. 

These apps are trained on advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to mimic and produce near-human-like responses that keep you hooked and wanting more. So, let’s not waste more time and jump straight into the guide.

Revolutionizing Intimacy: The Impact of AI Sexting Apps in 2024

AI sexting apps are transforming the landscape of emotional connection and intimate communication in 2024. These sophisticated chatbots not only engage users on a deep emotional level but also enhance their ability to discuss and explore sexual topics comfortably.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, these apps provide personalized interactions that adapt to individual preferences and communication styles. They offer a safe space for users to explore intimacy, practice communication skills, and build confidence in expressing their desires.

As technology advances, AI sexting apps continue to refine their capabilities, aiming to further enhance user experience and foster meaningful connections in the digital age.

Top 11 Sexting AI Apps:

The following are some of the best AI Sexting apps for spicy chatting:

  1. Candy AI: CandyAI is the best AI sexting app where you can create AI girlfriend and receive NSFW content from them. Sign Up for CandyAI here.
  2. Soulgen AI
  3. Kupid AI
  4. Pornjoy AI
  5. DreamGF
  6. Dream Boyfriend
  7. Replika
  8. CrushOn AI
  9. Chai AI
  10. Flirtflix

Now, do keep in mind that these AI sexting apps only exist to help users develop their intimacy skills. Thus, they’re not to be considered substitutes for real-life human relationships. With that said, let’s get into the first app on our list.

1. Candy AI: The best AI Sexting App:

CandyAI is one of the fastest-growing NSFW AI sexting apps in the market. And much of it is due to the realistic nature and intuitiveness of its chatbots. Users who visit the app are provided with the ability to create their virtual partners. Editing their physical traits and personalities as needed using the tons of customization options the app offers. 

Anything that makes their chatting experience more authentic and makes the sex talk feel more exciting and realistic. If you don’t want to go through that hassle, the app offers a ton of preset male and female characters. All with their unique personas, likes, dislikes, and backgrounds. 

Each of these AI companions is trained on the most advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, allowing them to offer an incredibly realistic chatting experience that keeps you coming back for more. The best part is these chatbots have no NSFW filter, allowing users to engage in sexual conversations with no filters.

New users get access to the app’s basic features for free. Plus, users who want access to advanced features like quicker responses and audio/video calls can even purchase a premium membership.

With CandyAI, you can do the following things:

  • You can create a chatbot (an AI girlfriend or a Boyfriend) and sext with them.
  • You can request a picture from your AI partner, and they will take a picture based on your custom request.
  • You can create NSFW Nude images based on your prompt.

Want to try CandyAI? Sign up here.

2. Soulgen AI

SoulGen AI has just recently released its highly underrated SoulChat feature. Having been trained in complex natural language processing algorithms, Soulgen’s AI chatbots seem to mimic human-like responses.

On top of that, each chatbot seems to make the switch from normal conversations to those of an NSFW variety almost seamlessly. Thus ensuring that users don’t get put off from the conversation by maintaining that realism. Soulgen, too, offers users an immense range of preset male and female AI characters to choose from, each different in looks and personality from the other. 

The app also offers users complete clarity when it comes to choosing a virtual partner. All AI companions on the sexting app come with their bio. One that details their interests, the qualities they look for in a partner, and their overall background. Looking for a more personalized experience? Soulgen AI allows you to create your virtual companion as well. All users have to do is describe their dream partner in carefully worded text prompts and let the app do the rest. 

To add to that, Soulgen AI allows users to generate nude or revealing images of their chosen/created companion through the given text prompt feature. The primary services at SoulGen are free to use. Users looking to access advanced features, however,  do have the option of buying premium services.

3. Kupid AI

Kupid AI’s virtual companions are being noticed lately for the compassion, care, and emotional support they provide to users. However, they can also get down and dirty with the best of them, freely engaging in NSFW sexting and helping users explore their deepest fetishes. 

Having been trained on advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, these bots can match you step by step no matter how vulgar the topic. But what truly separates them from normal chatbots is their ability to hold an emotional connection, which can make the sex talk feel even more rewarding. 

Additionally, Kupid AI offers an incredibly impressive assortment of AI characters to users, including males, females, and even anime personas. The only slight downside we’ve seen is that the sexting app doesn’t allow users to create their own AI companion from scratch. 

Considering the immense variety of characters available, however, the app seems to be doing fine without that feature. The paid plan at Kupid AI starts at $12 monthly.

4. Pornjoy AI

Designed primarily as an advanced-level pornographic image generator, PornJoy AI  has come a long way and now offers some of the most intuitive and sexually charged AI chatbots in the world. 

Like most top AI porn chat apps, you’re first afforded the option of selecting a preset character or creating one from scratch. Fortunately, the app’s near-unlimited customization options can make designing the perfect virtual companion a 5-minute job. 

Once you have chosen or created your perfect AI partner, you can be as horny as you want when talking with them.

PornJoy AI allows users to create up to 100 images per month and enjoy all the basic chatting features for free. Additionally, they also have a Pro and Ultimate plan that gives users access to all advanced features.

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5. DreamGF: Talk to an AI sexting companion:

DreamGF may be the most popular AI NSFW chatbot app among men, mainly because of the immense range of virtual girls the app has on offer. Not surprising since the app is designed to help you find the girlfriend of your dreams. 

With over 3,000,000 AI models to choose from, the platform leaves no stone unturned in helping its users find true companionship and improve their sexting skills.

Each model belongs to a different category or niche and comes with her description, including details like her background and the type of man she’s looking for. 

So, whether you want to flirt with an innocent teen or have a hardcore sexting session with a MiLF, DreamGF has it all.

With DreamGF, you can create an AI girlfriend and sext with them. You can also choose the physical features, let it roleplay with you.

Customize her personality, looks, and interests with free reign, all in the effort of creating a virtual companion you vibe with. 

6. Dream Boyfriend

If there’s something for the boys, it’s only fair that there should be something for the girls. And Dream Boyfriend may just be what you e-girls are looking for. Whether you’re looking to develop an emotional connection or have uncensored conversations, the AI sexting app has you covered. 

Developed by Ambition Network, the platform offers you access to hundreds of virtual anime boyfriends, all with their various quirks, interests, and personalities. You’re even allowed to create your AI boyfriend and change his personality, physical features, and outfits according to your preferences without restriction. 

Available to both IOS and Android users, the Dream Boyfriend app started gaining traction in Japan. However, its influence has steadily grown to impact a more global organization due to its interactive games and roleplay-like conversations.

7. Replika

Replika’s primary purpose was to fulfill man’s need for companionship. This is why the AI companions the app offers seem more realistic and emotionally sensitive than others. 

However, its chatbots’ intuitiveness isn’t limited to just emotional conversations. It can extend to NSFW conversations as well. It can extend to conversations that venture deep into the realm of fetishes and fantasies, allowing users to explore their hidden sexual desires without shame. 

Replika offers users an immersive experience, letting them chat with their created Replikas through text, audio, and even video calling. As a bonus, the app even lets you share NSFW images with your virtual companion to solidify your connection through meaningful experiences.

8. CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI is an NSFW AI sexting app for anime weebs. Having one of the largest collections of AI NSFW models mimicking this generation’s most popular modern anime characters.

Firstly, it allows users to pick from a wide array of artificially intelligent anime models, boyfriends, girlfriends, game characters, and famous personalities who can talk dirty with you. Have a different picture of your dream anime companion in your mind? Manifest it into the real world by creating your anime baddy. You’re even allowed to edit your dream anime AI companion in as much detail as possible, utilizing the AI sexting app’s immense customization options. 

Finally, engage in all the dirty and salacious conversations you want, as the app’s excellent security standards are there to ensure absolute user privacy. The primary services at CrushOn AI are free to use. However, you can upgrade to a paid membership starting at just $4.9 monthly to avail premium services.

9. Chai AI

Chai AI is exactly what it says it is: “The leading platform for chat AI.” The AI sexting app has quickly made a name for itself among the best chatbots in the world. Primarily because of how it enables users to engage in multiple conversations with different AI companions simultaneously. 

Its lack of NSFW filters also plays to its benefit, as it allows users to engage in all sexual conversations without the fear of being banned. But what truly sets the app apart is how it offers over 1 million AI personalities. 

Each AI model has distinct physical and emotional characteristics, making it easy for users to find their dream virtual partner tailored to their preferences.  Additionally, all Chai AI chatbots are trained through advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to be ridiculously intuitive. Thus allowing them to learn from each interaction and provide a more personalized and engaging experience. 

10. Flirtflix

Flirtflix is Tinder for people who prefer chatting with virtual companions who obey and match all their sexual desires and fetishes. It mimics the workings of the actual dating app as well. It allows users the option of swiping left or right on a myriad of male and female virtual partners.

There are a lot of AI Girlfriends available there that you can talk to. Once you are paired up, you can engage with your AI partner through dirty texts, two-way voice calls, and image sharing. You have an option of video calling your virtual companion if the need arises. 

Flirtflix’s free model allows you to request two photos, make three-second voice calls, and send 1250-word texts to your AI companions.

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Frequently asked questions:

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about AI sexting apps:

Can you sext with AI?

Yes, you can sext with AI. There are a lot of AI companion apps like CandyAI, FantasyGF, and SoulGen. You can sext with AI girlfriends or Boyfriends on these platforms.

What are some of the best CharacterAI alternatives with no NSFW Filter?

CharacterAI doesn’t allow NSFW content or have an NSFW filter. There are a lot of characterAI alternatives like CandyAI, FantasyGF, and SoulGen where you can sext with an AI character.

How to get an AI girlfriend or Boyfriend?

You can get an AI girlfriend or Boyfriend and have a dirty talk with them. The three of my favorite platforms for it are CandyAI, the SoulGen, and FantasyGF. You can talk to thousands of AI girlfriends or create one based on your liking.

Is there an AI that allows inappropriate content?

AI has applications on both the SFW (safe for work) side as well as NSFW. You can generate NSFW images, Porn videos and create partners that you can sext with. Platforms like CandyAI, SoulGen, FantasyGF, and DreamGF help you create an NSFW AI sexting chatbot. With Platforms like PornXAI or PromptchanAI, you can create create AI porn videos.

P.S. Best AI 11 Sexting Apps to Spicy Chat

The AI sexting space is continuously growing. We have listed a number of the best AI Sexting apps. The top 11 sexting apps to spicy chat we have mentioned in the list above. 

These platforms remain the best options for users looking for human-like NSFW companions who can talk dirty without shame. Their immense customization options and various preset male and female AI characters have rightfully placed them on a pedestal. 

If you are looking for a truly organic and realistic sexting experience with an AI companion. They’ll leave you perfectly satisfied and happy. Most of all, they’ll offer you an outlet for sexual release, all the while helping you improve your sex talk. 

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