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What is FanCentro? A Better Alternative to OnlyFans?

Dive into the world of FanCentro, an exciting alternative to OnlyFans for adult content creators. With innovative monetization tools, robust features, and superior support, FanCentro is paving the way for creators to earn more while maintaining control of their content. Our comprehensive guide offers in-depth insights into FanCentro’s advantages over OnlyFans, from enhanced discoverability to flexible payout options. Furthermore, learn about Scrile Connect, a turnkey solution that allows you to launch your own platform akin to FanCentro or OnlyFans. Read on to discover the future of adult content monetization.


As the digital world continues to evolve, adult content creators are finding numerous platforms to monetize their craft. FanCentro is one such platform that has made quite a name for itself. Often compared to the well-known OnlyFans, FanCentro has established its unique identity in the realm of NSFW content, functioning as an uncensored social network. But is it a better alternative to OnlyFans? Let’s delve in and explore.

What is FanCentro?

Founded in 2017, FanCentro emerged as a user-friendly platform that caters predominantly to amateur18+ content creators. Functioning as a private subscription based platform, Fancentro differentiates itself by allowing creators to manage their subscribers manually, giving them greater control over who can access their content.

However, what truly sets this website apart from its competitors, like OnlyFans or LoyalFans, is its emphasis on discoverability, making it an appealing choice for creators who are just starting their adult content career.

FanCentro Monetization Tools

The website offers a suite of monetization tools, all designed to provide creators with varied income sources.

  1. FanCentro Feed: This feature operates similarly to a standard social media feed. Creators can post regular content, interact with fans, and establish an active digital presence.

  1. Subscription Tiers: The website allows creators to offer different levels of access to their exclusive content based on customized subscription tiers. This way, they can cater to a variety of fan preferences and budgets.

  2. Private Social Media Accounts: Creators can link their private social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram or Premium Snapchat and charge an additional fee, thereby monetizing multiple websites at once.

  3. Stories and Clips: Much like popular social media features, FanCentro offers the option to post temporary ‘Stories’ and short ‘Clips’. Both offer opportunities for creators to diversify their content and earn extra income on custom videos.

  4. Livestreaming: Fancentro website supports real-time interaction with fans via livestreams. Besides offering another content avenue, livestreams also encourage spontaneous tipping from viewers.

  5. Communication Tools: FanCentro’s built-in messaging system allows creators to interact directly with their fans, fostering a sense of community and boosting engagement rates.

  6. Tips: In addition to regular subscription income, performers can earn tips from their fans for exceptional content.

  7. Referral Program: FanCentro’s referral system rewards creators who encourage others to join the platform, earning them a commission and adding a passive income stream to their portfolio.

Unique Features of FanCentro

FanCentro has carved a niche for itself in the realm of adult platforms with its innovative features. Unlike conventional platforms, FanCentro offers content creators a myriad of tools that not only enhance monetization but also user experience. Below are some of the standout features that make FanCentro a preferred choice for many:

  1. Geo-blocking: Protect your privacy by restricting access to your content from specified regions. This feature ensures that while you offer access to exclusive content, you remain in control of who sees it and from where.

  2. Discoverability: Whereas platforms like OnlyFans demand users to have a creator’s profile link for access, FanCentro provides a browsing feature. This ensures not only your existing followers but potential new fans can discover and subscribe to your monthly subscription effortlessly.

  3. Seamless Migration: Transitioning from another platform? FanCentro’s innovative feature allows creators to effortlessly transfer all existing content, including video clips and photos. No need to restart or manually upload content. This ensures your new profile is rich in content, enhancing your potential to attract and retain subscribers.

  4. Robust Promotional Tools: Boost your profile’s visibility with custom banner designs, tailored to promote across various social media platforms. This tool aids in drawing more attention to your locked content, luring new subscribers to want free access to your exclusive offerings.

  5. Centro Profits Program: Increase traffic to your account by enabling this feature via the Promotion tab. It’s a potent traffic generation tool, allowing top industry affiliates to promote you. Just input the necessary details, hit the “Activate promotion” button, and watch as your account gets the promotional boost it needs.

  6. Integrated Social Media Promotion: Amplify your presence on social media by linking your FanCentro profile to your accounts. With custom banners generated directly from your FanCentro profile, promoting has never been easier. Post stories, video clips, and more, guiding your audience back to your main content hub.

  7. Vault: The Vault acts as a comprehensive storage system for all the content you’ve added to FanCentro. From Feed photos and videos to DMs, stories, and clips, everything is stored in one place. Organize, reuse, and even upload new files directly to the Vault. The “Add to” option facilitates repurposing content for messages, stories, feed posts, or clips. Plus, with the tagging feature, you can easily categorize and gain access to specific content pieces, streamlining your content management process and boosting audience engagement.


FanCentro takes pride in its support system, specifically tailored for the needs of its creators. In contrast to OnlyFans, where a response to a query could take up to a week, FanCentro’s support team is more immediate and personalized. The platform also boasts a unique tool named CentroU, which offers video and written tutorials to help creators optimize their FanCentro usage, and by extension, their earnings.


Making money online, especially as a content creator in the adult entertainment industry, requires a platform that understands the importance of reliable payouts. FanCentro stands out in this aspect. Renowned for its consistent and timely payout system, it has quickly become a choice destination for those looking to monetize their exclusive content.

One of the driving factors behind its growing popularity is the lucrative revenue split. Creators on FanCentro can relish in the fact that they keep a whopping 80% of their earnings from subscriptions, tips, and other site-derived revenue. This leaves only a 20% commission for FanCentro, which is a competitive rate in the industry.

With FanCentro platform, you’re not just making money online; you’re maximizing your profits. They offer a range of payout methods, catering to creators from all over the world. Here are the available options and their respective minimum payout amounts:

  • Wire: $1250

  • Check: $100

  • Paxum: $50

  • ACH: $100

  • SEPA: $290 (or 250€)

  • USDT Tron/TRC20 network: $500

  • USDT Ethereum/ERC20 network: $2000

As a content creator, flexibility is paramount. On FanCentro, you can set your preferred minimum payout amount. Of course, it’s important to remember that the payment will only be released once you’ve accumulated the requisite amount for your chosen method. Upon entering your payment details, you must confirm them. This ensures your earnings are directed accurately and securely.

Payments are dispatched weekly, every Tuesday. If a major holiday falls on a Tuesday, expect your money on the next working day. This regularity ensures a steady flow of income for creators who rely on the platform to make money on FanCentro.

Each transaction you make undergoes a 2-week hold. This hold ensures your account maintains sufficient funds to address potential refunds and chargebacks, offering both creators and subscribers an added layer of financial security. To monitor the status of your transactions, FanCentro offers a straightforward Earnings list. This list showcases indicators to discern if a transaction remains on hold or has been cleared.

But beyond the logistics, FanCentro champions transparency. Content creators can access clear, real-time analytics regarding their earnings. This empowers you with insights, allowing you to strategize and optimize your potential to make money on Fancentro.

FanCentro vs OnlyFans

Fancentro vs OnlyFans: What is better?

FanCentro and OnlyFans are both platforms for adult content creator to make money on letting users access exclusive content, particularly NSFW content. However, there are several key differences between the two platforms:

Brand Recognition

OnlyFans is a bigger name with more brand recognition, largely due to mainstream media attention and celebrity endorsements. This can be a double-edged sword: while it may help attract a larger audience, it also means the platform is saturated with creators, making it harder to stand out.

FanCentro is less well-known, but it does have its niche and a strong reputation in the content creator community. It is especially known for its creator-friendly features and robust support system.

Monetization Options

Both platforms, Fancentro and OnlyFans, allow creators to monetize their content through subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view messages. However, FanCentro also offers additional monetization tools like different subscription tiers, bundling of social media sites subscriptions, and a referral program. This allows creators more flexibility and potentially higher earnings.


When it comes to discoverability, FanCentro shines with its user-friendly interface promoting content exploration, assisting creators in broadening their organic reach. Conversely, OnlyFans tends to rely on users having a direct profile link or coming across promotions.

Creator Control

FanCentro offers creators more autonomy, requiring them to manually approve subscriber access, adding an extra layer of control. OnlyFans, however, oversees all subscriber permissions automatically, streamlining the process but offering creators less direct influence.

Support and Resources

FanCentro offers free education via CentroU, often referred to as the ‘centro university’. This educational tool is not just a mere support system; it’s a comprehensive platform that offers a mix of video and written tutorials tailored to maximize success specifically on the FanCentro platform. By availing of these resources, creators are equipped to optimize their accounts and revenue potential. Furthermore, the supportive community at FanCentro ensures prompt and detailed responses to inquiries. In contrast, OnlyFans, given its vast user base, might sometimes experience delays in providing individualized assistance.

FanCentro vs OnlyFans: A Comparative Table

Brand RecognitionLarger brand recognition due to mainstream media attention and celebrity endorsements.Less known, but has a strong reputation in the content creator community.
Monetization OptionsAllows monetization through subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view messages.Offers the same plus different subscription tiers, bundling of social media site subscriptions, and a referral program.
DiscoverabilityLimited options for organic discoverability. Users usually need a specific link.More robust system promoting browsing and organic content discovery.
Creator ControlManages all subscriber permissions automatically.Creators manually approve subscriber access, offering more control.
Support and ResourcesSlower response times due to large user base.Offers comprehensive support via CentroU with faster and more thorough responses.
Ease of Use (Creators)Simpler with automatic management of subscribers.More features which can seem daunting at first. Manual management of subscribers.
Ease of Use (Users)Difficult for browsing and discovering new creators.Cleaner interface allowing users to easily browse and discover creators.
Ways to Earn MoneyMonthly subscriptions, tips, and individual charges.Same as OnlyFans plus option to create different subscription tiers and bundle offers.
Earnings Cut20%20% (had a promotion in 2021 for 100% earnings for new creators)
Payout Frequency21 days after payment by users, minimum withdrawal of $20.Payouts every Tuesday from third active week, minimum withdrawal starts at $50 depending on payout method.
FeaturesOffers geoblocking, automatic watermarking. Limited browsing.More robust discoverability features, automatic watermarking, free trial options, different subscription tiers, content migration from other platforms, and powerful promotional tools.
Support QualityDue to its size, slower responses that may often be automated.Genuine, faster responses and extra resources like CentroU to assist creators.

In summary, while OnlyFans is the more recognized platform, FanCentro offers a more detailed suite of features that cater to the needs of content creators, making it a worthy alternative.

How to Start Your Own Website Like FanCentro or OnlyFans

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Creating your own content subscription website akin to FanCentro or OnlyFans is a significant undertaking. However, with turnkey solutions like Scrile Connect, the process becomes significantly more manageable.

Scrile Connect is a comprehensive solution for setting up your personalized adult content creator website under your own branded domain name. It offers a host of features similar to those provided by platforms like FanCentro and OnlyFans, allowing you to offer monthly subscription tiers, manage content, and interact with subscribers seamlessly.

What truly sets Scrile Connect apart is its commission-free structure. Unlike other platforms that take a cut from creators’ earnings, Scrile Connect allows you to retain 100% of your earnings. This, coupled with the ability to establish your own privacy policy, ensures that you have total control over your content, subscribers, and revenue.

Moreover, Scrile Connect allows extensive customization to suit your unique needs and aesthetic preferences. From the overall site design to the user interface, you have the freedom to design a platform that truly embodies your brand.

Scrile Connect equips you with the tools, support, and autonomy you need to build and manage your unique content platform, making it an excellent alternative to established content monetization platform like FanCentro or OnlyFans.

Final Thoughts

In the rapidly evolving world of content monetization, creators are often on the lookout for websites that prioritize their needs, earnings, and brand identity. While popular sites like OnlyFans and FanCentro have earned their recognition in the industry, newcomers like Scrile Connect are carving a niche by offering greater control, customization, and financial advantages. In an industry where personal brand is pivotal, and every percentage point in earnings counts, weighing the pros and cons of each platform is crucial. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on individual preferences, but it’s evident that creators now have a wider array of robust options to choose from.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about FanCentro

How does Fancentro work?

FanCentro operates as one of the notable subscription sites where creators can monetize their explicit content. Through a paid subscription model, followers pay to view content, ensuring that creators can monetize their offerings effectively. There are many features on FanCentro that make this process seamless for both creators and subscribers.

Is Fancentro a legit website?

Yes, FanCentro is a legit website. Like any platform, there may be a few negative reviews, but it’s essential to consider the broader context and the vast number of creators and users who have had positive experiences. Always do your due diligence when joining any platform.

How to delete Fancentro account?

To delete your account on Fancentro, users typically need to access their account settings and follow the prompts or guidelines for account deletion. If you encounter difficulties, reaching out to their customer support is advisable.

Is Fancentro better than OnlyFans?

The choice between FanCentro and OnlyFans often boils down to individual preferences. Both sites allow creators to make money through paid subscriptions, but they have different features and structures. While OnlyFans has a broader user base and more mainstream recognition, FanCentro provides many features and can be seen as a good alternative, especially for creators looking for specific functionalities.

What is the Difference Between FanCentro and OnlyFans?

The key differences between FanCentro and OnlyFans are in their monetization tools and features:

  • Monetization Options: Both platforms allow creators to monetize through subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view messages. FanCentro, however, offers additional tools such as different subscription tiers, bundling subscriptions for social media sites, and a referral program.
  • Platform Focus: FanCentro provides a more diverse range of options for creators to monetize their online presence across various social media platforms.

Is FanCentro Trusted?

Yes, FanCentro is a legitimate and safe platform for both creators and consumers of adult content. It is known for maintaining a secure environment for its users and offers reliable services for content monetization and distribution.

How Much Does FanCentro Make?

On FanCentro, content creators receive 80% of their total earnings, while FanCentro retains a 20% commission. This payout structure is designed to ensure that creators earn a substantial portion of the revenue generated from their content, making it a competitive platform in the content creation industry.

Is it possible to build a website like Fancentro and OnlyFans?

Absolutely! While creating a website similar to such well-known competitors can be a challenging undertaking, there are solutions like Scrile Connect that simplify the process. These sites empower creators to establish their personalized, unique domain with all the tools they need to offer pay to view content, manage subscriptions, and more.

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