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Fanvue: A Better Alternative to OnlyFans for Adult Content Creators?

Explore the innovative platform that is Fanvue: the next go-to hub for content creators and their fans. This piece dives into the core aspects of Fanvue, a relatively new player in the realm of content creator platforms. As a rising competitor to OnlyFans, Fanvue promises a multitude of unique features, from its creator-friendly commission rates to its secure and user-centric interface. We delve into how Fanvue works, ways to earn money, and compare it to OnlyFans to give you a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, for those inspired to start a similar site, we touch upon how Scrile Connect can be your turnkey solution for creating an independent platform like Fanvue or OnlyFans. Join us as we unmask the potential and opportunities lying within Fanvue for both creators and fans alike.

Is Fanvue the New OnlyFans? The Ultimate Comparison of Adult Content Subscription Platforms

Is Fanvue the New OnlyFans? The Ultimate Comparison of Adult Content Subscription Platforms


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, new platforms are constantly emerging, offering creators varied avenues to monetize their content. A relatively new platform that is quickly garnering attention is Fanvue. This innovative site invites creators from various niches, especially those producing adult content, to connect with their audiences and capitalize on their work. What’s more intriguing is Fanvue’s promising potential – it’s more than just an OnlyFans competitor; it could be a superior option for creators seeking to maximize their reach and revenue.

What is Fanvue?

What is Fanvue

Fanvue is a social media platform based in the UK that offers a thriving hub for both adult and non-adult content creators. Launched in August 2021, it’s designed to connect creators with their audience, offering them an opportunity to earn money from their creative endeavors. In addition to providing a space for adult content creators, it welcomes influencers, chefs, artists, authors, developers, and more. Fanvue is a champion for all creators, regardless of their content genre.

Fanvue stands out in its field for its commitment to nurturing a diverse creative community. While it offers a welcoming space for content creators, its platform equally caters to a broader content spectrum. This balanced approach makes Fanvue a versatile platform for various creators, encouraging a healthy, vibrant, and dynamic adult content creator community.

Fanvue: Empowering Diverse Creators in Summer 2024

Fanvue, a UK-based social media platform launched in August 2021, has established itself as a thriving hub for creators of both adult and non-adult content. Designed to connect creators directly with their audiences, Fanvue offers a monetization opportunity for creators across various genres, including influencers, chefs, artists, authors, developers, and more.

As of summer 2024, Fanvue continues to champion diversity by providing a welcoming space where creators can showcase their talents and engage with fans. The platform’s inclusive approach supports creators in monetizing their creative endeavors while fostering a community that values creativity and expression across different content genres.

How does Fanvue work?

At its core, Fanvue operates on a subscription model. Content creators create their Fanvue page, populate it with content, and set a subscription fee for their fans. To gain access to exclusive content from their favourite creators, fans pay a monthly fee. The platform caters to a broad range of creators, including content creators, who can earn additional revenue through tips, paid messaging, and merchandise sales.

Beyond the subscription model, Fanvue goes the extra mile in supporting creators by providing excellent support services. They continually update their platform, adding new features that make the user experience even better. This commitment to constant improvement sets Fanvue apart from other platforms, making it an attractive choice for content creators seeking a reliable and creator-friendly platform.

Ways to make money with Fanvue

Fanvue offers creators a variety of ways to monetize their work. The primary source of income is the subscription fee that fans pay to access a creator’s exclusive content. However, creators’ earning potential on Fanvue extends beyond the subscription fees. Pay-per-view content, mass messaging, and tips for custom content all contribute to a creator’s income.

Additionally, Fanvue offers advanced insights. These tools help creators better understand their audience, which in turn helps them tailor their content to their fans’ tastes. By understanding what content resonates with their audience, creators can maximize their earning potential on Fanvue.

Is Fanvue a Legit Website?

Fanvue provides an appealing platform for a diverse range of content creators. Regardless of the type of content you produce – whether it’s adult content, fitness, cooking, art, or development – Fanvue offers a supportive environment packed with rich features. The platform’s channel promo video feature, for instance, allows creators to offer teasers of their content, potentially attracting more subscribers.

Fanvue is not just a legit website, it’s also a highly reputable one. Numerous trusted review websites, including Trust Pilot, are home to positive reviews from real Fanvue users. Content creators can join the platform with confidence, knowing that their data is protected by modern encryption technology and that the Fanvue team is dedicated to maintaining a secure, user-friendly platform.

Furthermore, the growing number of satisfied creators and fans using the platform serves as further testament to Fanvue’s legitimacy. As a new platform, they’ve been diligent in building trust and credibility within the online community.

Fanvue vs OnlyFans

In the world of platforms for content creators, Fanvue and OnlyFans are undoubtedly significant players. However, their approach to supporting creators and managing content differs in several ways, setting them apart from one another.

OnlyFans, launched in 2016, has enjoyed considerable popularity, especially among adult content creators. But a recent policy change intending to ban adult content caused an uproar among creators and fans alike. Although OnlyFans reversed the decision due to significant backlash, the incident raised questions about its reliability as a platform for content creators.

On the other hand, Fanvue, a new platform, provides a stable and secure environment for all creators, including those in the adult content sector. It distinguishes itself with its transparency and consistent policies, ensuring that creators know exactly what to expect when using the platform.

Private MessagingYesYes
Subscription ModelYesYes
Customer SupportExcellentGood
Transparency in PoliciesHighModerate
Advanced InsightsYesNo
Regular Updates and New FeaturesYesLimited
Commission fee15%20%
Fanvue vs OnlyFans

Fanvue Features

Fanvue, despite being a new platform, is already offering a host of amazing features. For one, creators can create a channel promo video to tease their content and attract more subscribers. This is especially helpful for content creators, as it enables them to entice potential subscribers without giving away their content for free.

Another valuable feature is the ability for creators to receive direct messages from fans. The paid messaging feature facilitates more intimate interactions, enabling creators to form stronger bonds with their fans. On the business side, Fanvue offers advanced insights into creators’ performance, helping them to optimize their content strategy and maximize their earnings.

OnlyFans Features

OnlyFans, being an older platform, comes with a robust set of features designed to support content creators. Similar to Fanvue, OnlyFans operates on a subscription model, allowing creators to earn a recurring income from their fans. Creators can also earn additional income from tips and pay-per-view content.

However, unlike Fanvue, OnlyFans does not offer a feature like the channel promo video, which is a significant advantage for Fanvue. Moreover, the recent controversy surrounding OnlyFans’ policies highlights a potential instability that creators need to take into account when considering which platform to join.

Scrile Connect: The Ultimate Solution Beyond Fanvue and OnlyFans!

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Payouts and Commission on Fanvue

Fanvue has taken a proactive approach when it comes to payouts and commissions. Understanding the challenges that creators face in building up a dedicated subscriber base, Fanvue has rolled out an attractive commission structure. For the first three months after you’ve joined as a creator, Fanvue only takes a 15% commission from your earnings. This rate is considerably less than the industry standard, making it a lucrative opportunity for creators, especially when they’re trying to grow their fan base.

This commission includes the earnings from tips, subscriptions, pay-per-view content – essentially, from every transaction made on the platform. It’s after this three-month period that the commission rate reverts to 20%, which is still competitive, particularly when compared to other platforms like OnlyFans that charge a 20% commission from the get-go.

One of the best features of Fanvue is its transparency in payment and commission structure. There are no hidden fees or unexpected deductions – everything is stated clearly up-front. This transparency is greatly appreciated by creators, as it allows them to plan their finances effectively.

Fanvue Support

Fanvue prides itself on its commitment to providing good support to its creators. Whether it’s resolving technical issues, answering queries about the platform, or helping creators optimize their Fanvue page, the support team is always ready to assist.

Fanvue’s support team is renowned for their prompt responses and helpful, friendly demeanor. They strive to ensure that every creator’s experience with the platform is smooth and productive. This focus on support is another reason why Fanvue is becoming a preferred platform for many creators.

Creating a Fanvue Profile

Creating a Fanvue profile is the first step to tapping into this resourceful platform’s potential. The process is straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Visit the Fanvue website: Start by visiting the Fanvue website on your preferred web browser.

  2. Sign up: On the homepage, you’ll see an option to sign up. Click on this, and you’ll be asked to provide some basic details, including your email address and a password.

  3. Verify your email: You will be sent a verification link to the email address you provided. Click on this link to verify your email address.

  4. Create a Profile: Once your email is verified, you can start setting up your profile. You will be asked to choose a username, upload a profile picture, and write a brief bio about yourself.

  5. Set up your subscription price: You will be asked to set a monthly subscription price. This is how much fans will have to pay to access your content. It’s up to you to decide how much to charge, but make sure it’s a price that reflects the value of your content.

  6. Identity Verification: To ensure the safety and security of the platform, Fanvue requires you to verify your identity. You will need to upload an official document and take a selfie.

  7. Payment Information: Lastly, you’ll need to provide your payment information. This is so you can get paid when fans subscribe to your content.

  8. Start Creating: Once your profile is set up, you can start creating and posting content. Remember, the more engaging and high-quality your content, the more likely you are to attract and retain subscribers.

That’s it! You’ve created your Fanvue profile. Now it’s time to start creating and sharing your content.

Starting Your OwnWebsite like Fanvue

Scrile Connect is the best alternative to fanvue

For those who prefer complete control over their content and profits, starting an independent site is an attractive option. Scrile Connect offers a turnkey solution to this, providing an all-in-one platform that empowers creators to build and run their sites.

Some of the key features and benefits of Scrile Connect include:

  1. Full Ownership: Creators have complete control and ownership over their content, branding, and business decisions.

  2. Customization: Creators can fully customize their website’s look and feel, matching their unique brand and style.

  3. Multiple Monetization Options: Beyond subscriptions, Scrile Connect allows creators to monetize their content in multiple ways, including paid posts, tipping, live streams, paid calls, merchandise sales, and more.

  4. Analytics: Detailed insights and analytics help creators understand their audience better and make informed business decisions.

  5. Support: Dedicated support ensures any issues are resolved promptly, allowing creators to focus on creating content.

Starting an independent site using Scrile Connect presents a compelling opportunity for creators to maximize their income and retain more control over their online presence.


In the evolving landscape of online content creation, platforms like Fanvue are emerging as strong contenders in the race. With its array of features designed to support and empower creators, coupled with its transparent policies and excellent support, it’s an attractive option for creators looking for a reliable platform to connect with their fans.

Whether you’re an existing adult content creator looking for a new platform or someone considering taking the plunge into the world of content creation, Fanvue offers a compelling platform that prioritizes creator success. The potential to earn money and connect with fans around the world makes it a platform worth exploring.


What is the difference between Fanvue and OnlyFans?

Fanvue and OnlyFans are both platforms designed for content creators to monetize their content. While both platforms welcome creators from various fields, they’re especially known for being conducive to adult content creators.

One key difference lies in their commission rates. OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on all transactions, while Fanvue charges only 15% in the first 3 months of joining. Besides, Fanvue offers a faster payment process, more innovative features like NFT creation, and advanced security with modern encryption technology. OnlyFans, on the other hand, has a larger user base due to its earlier establishment.

How Secure is Fanvue?

Fanvue is committed to providing a secure environment for content creators. The platform ensures the protection of user data through the use of modern encryption technologies. Additionally, the Fanvue team actively works on maintaining a secure and user-friendly platform. This focus on security gives content creators confidence in joining and using Fanvue for their content creation and monetization efforts.

Is Fansly a Safe Website?

Fansly is dedicated to maintaining legitimacy in content creation and monetization while ensuring the safety of its users. The platform enforces strict rules against illegal content and prohibits certain types of content, such as ‘consensual non-consent’. With its commitment to legal and ethical standards, Fansly is considered a legitimate and safe platform for creating and monetizing adult content.

Is OnlyFans Better Than Fansly?

The comparison between OnlyFans and Fansly depends on various factors:

  • Brand Recognition: OnlyFans is more well-known and has a larger fanbase, potentially offering creators a better chance of gaining subscribers.
  • User Experience: Fansly has introduced innovative features to enhance the user experience.
  • Content Creator Perspective: It is advisable for creators to explore both platforms to take advantage of the unique benefits each offers.

Ultimately, the choice between OnlyFans and Fansly may depend on individual preferences and goals as a content creator.

How to start a website like Fanvue or OnlyFans?

Starting a website like Fanvue or OnlyFans involves developing a platform that facilitates content monetization. This is a complex task involving web development, securing payment gateways, user data management, and more. However, using a turnkey solution like Scrile Connect can make this process easier.

Scrile Connect offers a ready-to-use platform with essential features like subscription management, content gating, paid messaging, advanced insights, and more. This can help aspiring platform owners kickstart their website while focusing more on the business and community-building side.

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