Best OnlyFans Alternatives 2022

Though Onlyfans might be considered as an ideal option for performers, there are several other decent platforms that should be considered. There is also an option for those who don’t want to pay any commission, want to set the rules on their own, but also need some tech support.

Best Onlyfans Alternatives

Best Onlyfans Alternatives

  1. Adult Content is not Forbidden Anymore
    1. OnlyFans as Top Platform for Performers
      1. OnlyFans Basics
      2. OnlyFans Audience
      3. Pros and Cons of OnlyFans
      4. The Money Shot
    2. Sexual Explicit Content Ban Scandal
      1. The Scandal Consequence
    3. Advice for Current OnlyFans Users
      1. Options for Subscribers
      2. Options for Creators
    4. Best OnlyFans Alternatives
      1. Scrile Connect
      2. JustForFans
      3. Unlockd
      4. FanCentro
      5. ManyVids
      6. AVN Stars
      7. Fansly
    5. Sum it up
      1. Best OnlyFans Alternatives 2022-FAQ
        1. Is it legal to post adult content?
        2. Is OnlyFans the only option for creators of adult content?
        3. Why do models leave OnlyFans?
        4. What is the most suitable platform for studio owners?

      Though OnlyFans might be considered as an ideal option for performers, there are several other decent platforms that should be considered. There is also an option for those who don’t want to pay any commission, want to set the rules on their own, but also need some tech support.

      In the course of time, social development became an integral part of life. With time, we become more acceptable and open-minded to the world and people we live with. We gather into communities united with the same interests, and it doesn’t matter if it is fans of horror movies or people interested in adult content. 

      In our article, we collected information for adult content fans and websites where they get the content, for example, OnlyFans. We will guide you through the world of people proud of their beauty and eager to demonstrate it for a fair price.

      Adult Content is not Forbidden Anymore

      In the last several decades the attitude towards the sex industry has changed a lot. People are not ashamed to discuss their sexual life and sexuality, people buy sex toys to investigate their nature, porn actresses and models are not judged by society as it was before. On the Internet appeared tons of alternative websites where they can monetize their experience and be supported by their loyal fans. 

      As in the world of social media, there are several sites that are on the top positions of the niche, in the world of content 18+ there are its own leaders. Pornhub is YouTube but much hotter, Spenser’s is a shop that offers you toys from all over the world, OnlyFans is Playboy but every time it respects your interests.

      OnlyFans as Top Platform for Performers

      OnlyFans Basics

      Today OnlyFans is known all over the world. It gained its audience in a short period of time. OnlyFans is a safe environment where people can post their hot photos or videos, their fans subscribe to updates and pay the price to get access to adult content. 

      OnlyFans was created in 2016, developed for 4 years, and boomed in 2020. Many people were stuck at their homes and got way more free time than they had before, so they paid more attention to their own passions and fetishes. 

      OnlyFans Audience

      OnlyFans is a good place for people to be open with their interests. Foot fetishists, furries, BDSM fans, and all the rest can find content on their taste. People can share hot photos and the most dedicated fans will definitely see them. Cosplay models can share the content with their transformation into unreal fantasy sexy warriors. So all of them help each other to get what they need. OnlyFans just helps them find each other. Users get unique and juicy content, while performers monetize the efforts they put into creating this content.

      Pros and Cons of OnlyFans


      A quick way to earn some money

      Your content might be stolen by subscribers

      No office work you can do everything from home or any other place you like

      If you try to keep your OnlyFans account in secret, some bad people can try to threaten you by exposing your personality

      It is not necessarily adult content, you can share whatever you want. Hair tutorials, language lessons, fitness exercises, etc.

      Unfortunately, you cannot be sure that the website doesn’t change the rates for payments 

      The Money Shot

      The commission of OnlyFans is 20% of the money that users pay for subscriptions. At the moment, the cost of the subscription is $49.99 per month. In addition, a host can earn from tips and PPV messages. After recent changes in the rules of the platform, there is a limit and the maximum amount of PPV messages is $100, after 4 months of continuous placement of content, this amount rises to $200. 

      Sexual Explicit Content Ban Scandal

      Being a leading platform of the industry, OnlyFans has already been a part of several situations that cast a shadow on users’ and creators’ attitudes.

      On the 20th of August 2021, OnlyFans announced changes to the website policy that would ban posting any kind of sexually explicit content due to pressure from payment providers and banking partners.This news made many all erotic related content creators worry a lot. With this new policy, they got under the danger of losing their source of income. For many of them, OnlyFans was the only way to make a living. 

      On Twitter, it resulted in disrespect of the platform, as the majority of the industry opinion-makers shared their disrespect to the OnlyFans owners, and decided to move off the platform. 

      Later on August 25, the OnlyFans made an official announcement on Twitter, saying that they canceled the policy change that was set on the 1st of October. 

      Though even this change didn’t make the creators stay on the platform. Even though the company announced that they suspended the planned October 1 policy change, the industry will not be the same anymore: creators will not feel safe, they are more interested in their own brand independent from OF platforms. Moreover, they keep closing their OnlyFans accounts asking their subscribers to do the same and follow them on a new platform that they have chosen instead of OnlyFans. 

      Here you can read the reaction of OnlyFans customers to the announcement of the cancellation of policy changes.

      After all, we do understand the reaction of content creators we have mentioned above. Even though the company has announced that change of their policy, they showed that OnlyFans put business issues and money prior to their clients (creators, models, studios, users), so there is no confidence that they wouldn’t do it again. 

      The Scandal Consequence

      The whole situation that took place around the ban of publications with sexually explicit content has made a great impact on the industry on both sides: users and content creators. 

      First of all,  with this scandal, people showed a lot of interest in the industry, and those who have never been involved followed the update of the situation. They read about the OnlyFans reaction, models and studios comments, and read about the industry. 

      Secondly, the possibility of losing the source of income has frightened models, creators, and studios a lot. They understood that OnlyFans doesn’t value them. The situation made them explore the alternatives deeper than they did before. 

      Some of them realized that they can share their content on various platforms at the same time. If it is not against the rules of the platform, creators can enjoy the benefits of different networks. 

      Others came to a decision that they would definitely get more perks from developing their own brand instead of working under policies designed by other businesses. 

      It is important to understand that if OnlyFans can change their mind so fast, customers cannot be sure that the company won’t change their decision any time later. 

      Advice for Current OnlyFans Users

      If you are an OnlyFans user no matter if you are a creator or subscriber, you might be thinking about the alternatives in case the situation repeats. 

      Options for Subscribers

      Actually, subscribers are less affected by policy change than studios and creators. But still, if users’ favorite models leave the platform, users would follow them to the new platform. 

      So there are only 2 options for watchers:

      1. Stay on the platform and move the focus on those creators who produce so-called regular content. 
      2. Change the platform along with creators. 

      Options for Creators

      If you are a creator who faced problems due to the possibility of the policy change, there are 3 options. 1 would work for those who don’t consider sexually explicit content the core element of making money. The other 2 are for those, who are very passionate about their work and aren’t ready to change erotic content to something else.  

      Here are the options: 

      1. Change the type of content that you post on OnlyFans. Make it acceptable for the new policy. 
      2. Explore the market for platform alternatives. There are many options for models and studious to consider. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we have explored several alternatives that you could choose. 
      3. Consider developing your own brand. In this case, there are two options. On the one hand, you can hire a team of experienced website developers. It would cost a fortune, and take some time, but still, the result would be good. On the other hand, there are some white-label solutions that might be a perfect choice for those who have zero experience in software engineering or web design. 

      If you are ready to try creating a platform on your own, check Scrile Connect.

      Best OnlyFans Alternatives

      As you can see, even though OnlyFans is considered to be the most popular choice for both models who only begin their way as creators of adult content and those who already have a well-built fan base, it has shown weaknesses. 

      For you to see that the industry is represented by more than one platform, we have gathered information about some other platforms that should be considered if you move away from OnlyFans or start the career from the very beginning. 

      Scrile Connect

      The solution that would work for creators, who want to build a fresh new platform under a unique name, or those who want to use an existing platform. 

      Scrile Connect would assist both groups of content creators. With Connect software studios and models can help to create a platform that would have a unique domain, fully customizable design, well-developed features, and privacy policy. In terms of the OnlyFans scandal, the opportunity to shape the platform’s privacy policy and all rules that manage the platform and presented content, sounds great, doesn’t it?

      By buying Scrile Connect software you can create your own site similar to OnlyFans. Most importantly, you do not need to have any technical skills. Be sure that the support team is ready to help you whenever you need it. With your website on a Scrile Connect basis, you don’t have to think about any third-party creators who would enter your community and steal your audience. You as a host approve every model performing on your website. 

      So, studio owners or independent content creators become business owners. Consequently, they don’t pay any commissions to third parties.  

      Studios and creators enjoy the following perks cooperating with Scrile Connect:

      • Build a unique site with a domain name created on your name.
      • Invite various creators to collaborate with them and build a community based on your platform.
      • Implement a payment method that you find the most suitable (bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrency).  If you chose cryptocurrency as your payment method you can exist independently of banks, so no need to be afraid of banning. 
      • Get 100% of your income. Being the owner of the platform you don’t pay any commission fee as you do on OnlyFans. 

      For those who still aren’t sure that they are ready to rule their own platform, with Scrile Connect there is an option to provide subscriptions to the content that is posted on the Scrile Connect platform. The website is completely sexually explicit content friendly. 

      Included features for monetization of content.

      PostsCreate posts with different file types (photo, audio, video) and publish them. Moreover, you can choose the visibility of the post, either it is visible for everyone or only those who have paid for it. 
      SubscriptionLike any other community-based website, creators can offer different plans for a subscription. Each plan can offer a special level of access, so creators can range the content due to its value. 
      Live streamsScrile Connect has an integrated video service that allows creators to perform great live streams and earn tips with it. Live streams can be private for the only user, has paid for it, or public shows, those that make tips. 
      Paid massagesAlong with mass massaging, there is a feature of paid messages. It would be profitable for those who do a lot of communication with subscribers via messaging service.
      AttachmentsSending messages can make them even better and interest more subscribers with the help of attachments. Different types of files can be attached. 


      JustForFans is an alternative to OnlyFans. It is also designed to share images and videos of sex workers. The main feature of JustForFans is that it has more of a queer vibe. It has more variants for search, so there are options for trans people and non-binary people. 

      Though gay and sex workers are not the only audience on the platform. The site features cis-models as well, but the trans audience remains the core of the site. Additionally, JustForFans allows you to distribute not only sex content but also any product you are interested in, whether it is online domination or selling of used stockings. The main advantage of JustForFans is that it is a straightforward platform and users do not need to conceal their questions and desires. 

      Since JustForFans is full of gay content the website is promoted through well-known gay porn stars and kick channels. 

      The platform takes a 30% commission on users’  subscriptions. 


      The youngest representative of such platforms on the market is Unlockd. It was created in 2020 on the wave of conditions of universal self-isolation. Visually, the interface is similar to OnliFence. It shares its photos with its audience, who sign up for content updates. 

      Unlockd doesn’t make sharing adult content its main feature, but it exists. The reputation of the site is built on quality work and a lower cost than the average for similar platforms. 

      Unlockd truly aims to provide the best experience for content creators. The site was built in consultation with OnlyFans creators in an attempt to make the user experience as simple as possible. They build their reputation on the quality of service and lower cost, so if you can build a solid subscriber base, you can do well on Unlockd.

      The main advantage of Unlockd’s functionality is that you can vary the cost of the content you offer depending on its type. Unlockd promises to solve various problems of its users practically 24/7 by guaranteeing a solution to any problems. With Unblockd, payments are made once a week.

      The platform charges around a 15% commission on all your transactions. The maximum profit can be as much as $100. 


      The FanCentro is a platform that allows performers to sell premium social media subscriptions. The main advantage of FanCentro is that the host can set its own rate for the content. In this case, the commission charged by the service is 25% of all revenues. The main stream of income models comes from subscriptions, rather than specific units of content. So while subscribers continue to pay for their subscriptions, hosts would get a steady income. 

      FanCentro uses a channel system similar to YouTube. Channels are available to users, but some content will be blocked to ordinary users until they sign up for a monthly paid subscription. 

      Girls can also sell their videos. They upload a clip to the site, set the desired fee, and then FanCentro promotes it to fans. 


      ManyVids closes our top five of OnlyFans alternatives. ManyVids is one of the leading platforms providing video content. Models can sell not only adult videos but also provide phone sex services, can provide subscriptions to their content in fan clubs, set live shows. ManyVids also has an inbuilt store where fans can buy your items as well as merch. 

      ManyVids is a safe environment for women, men, couples, and transgender people.

      The commission that the service receives from each transaction can range from 20 to 40%. The main advantage of MV is that performers can set their own rates for the provided content and special services.  

      AVN Stars

      AVN stands for Adult Video News, by the name you can see that the platform is built around sharing adult content and sexually explicit videos. If the core of your content is videos as hot as Pornhub content then you would enjoy being a member of this community.  

      The monetization process isn’t complicated and doesn’t differ from any other platforms of this kind. Regular users register on the website to get full access to the catalog with a wide choice of models and subscribe to those they like. The price for a subscription is set by a model, but barely makes half of his or her total income. The situation is the same as with OnlyFans, real money a model can make with paid content that is created upon the subscriber’s request. 

      If you are in this business for a long time you know that AVN is a huge business. They even have their own award, AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Such businesses make a lot of money on content creators. So check the terms twice before you sign up for the platform, so the commission fee won’t be a surprise for you. 


      For solo performing models, there is a Fansly alternative. We write about solo performing models as there are no studio accounts. It is a platform that allows models to create a performer account and sell their sexy photos and videos. 

      Fansly is an alternative to OnlyFans in all aspects, including positive and negative features. We appreciate that there is an option for tips and services to perform shows, as it helps models to earn more than subscriptions. All payouts are approved as soon as they meet minimum requirements. 

      But this is the point where negative similarities take place. On Fansly there is a minimum amount of $100 for withdrawal. Unfortunately, if you would like to withdraw less than $100, the platform would reject it. Secondly, there is a 20% commission on a total sum of earned money. We do believe that in 2022 a platform shouldn’t rob creators of money that they earn with their content.

      If you are a model or a studio that is based in Europe, especially in France, then you can check the platform. 

      On there are 2 main directions for a model’s development. You can choose to perform live streams with a donation feature, or share your photos and videos with the public for free, or post locked content available only for those users who subscribed for your paid plan. Also, models can create private content that users would buy. They can list several requests and haggle for a better price. 

      But remember, that’s mostly a European platform that has its own specific features.

      The website is a user-friendly alternative for those models and content creators who don’t want to spend time trying to get on well with a platform. Indeed, is very easy to get used to and start making some money with it. 

      On the site, models can share text, photos, GIFs, videos, and audio files. Creators share content with the public for free, and special content with subscribers for money. Fans can buy special content upon their request, but a model reserves the right to refuse the request. 

      Though with those positive aspects there are weaknesses. So unfortunately a model would get only 80% of the earned money, as the platform takes 20% commission from each transaction. Also, creators cannot withdraw their money whenever they need it. The platform has a policy for cashouts and pays creators twice a month.

      Sum it up

      To figure out all the alternatives, we decided to put everything into one table, so the result will be more vivid.


      AVN Stars
      Only adult content creatorsAn online platform designed by a huge company that makes money on sexually explicit content.
      Scrile ConnectFor entrepreneurs, studios, and independent content creatorsCreate your own unique website, platform, or community. Choose Scrile Connect to have your own domain, set rules and policies, 0% commission fee.

      For gay, trans, and non-binary peopleAn alternative site with a wide range of kinks, 30% commission on subscription. 

      Budget pickThe newest alternative can set your own price for content, 15% commission fee
      FanCentroFor video creatorsCreate your own channel to upload a video for your subscribers, create and sell clips upon fans’ request, 25% commission fee.

      For monetization of adult videoVarious approaches to earn money (inbuilt shop, sex calls, live shows, etc), 20-40% commission fee.
      FanslyOnly solo performersThe interface is similar to the one that is used on OnlyFans.  It has a tricky payment policy.
      MYM.fansEuropean studios and creatorsTwo main services for making money: live streams and paid posts.
      Loyalfans.comAverage content creatorsUser-friendly platform, that is easy to get used to. Payment policy sets 20% commission fee, and schedule for withdrawals.

      You can learn more about best OnlyFans alternatives for adult content creators to earn money in Adultcreator blog.

      Anyway, it’s up to you what solution to choose, though before signing up for one of the services consider the experience that you want to get there. The final tip from us is to try to register to any of the sites as a user, see it from the other side to get an understanding of whom you would be presented to at the end. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, you can change the platform whenever you want.

      Finally, some solutions offer a free trial period for you to understand the service and figure out if it is good enough for you. For instance, there is one on Scrile Connect, so you can try it right now.

      Best OnlyFans Alternatives 2022-FAQ

      Is it legal to post adult content?

      It is completely legal to post such content unless it presents drugs or child abuse.

      Is OnlyFans the only option for creators of adult content?

      No, there are some other options like JustForFans and Unlocked. You can also create your own fully branded platform with Scrile Connect and pay 0% comission fee from your revenue.

      Why do models leave OnlyFans?

      Unfortunately with OnlyFans creators cannot be sure that their content won’t be stolen by a stranger. Moreover, there are transaction limits such as maximum tip price limit of $100 per tip and $50 limit on PPV messages with media attachments.

      What is the most suitable platform for studio owners?

      Scrile Connect is a good choice for studio owners. The platform can be used for a website under your studio brand and multiple creator pages with a 0% commission fee from revenue.

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