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Online Legal Services Platform Development Guide

Online lawyer consultation market constantly develops showing an increase in revenue each year. Move your legal advice services to the digital space with the help of the Scrile Meet platform.

No matter how well educated a person might be, understanding of the law is difficult, but if a person has come to the point that he or she tries to figure out legal issues it is better to be sure that they understand it 100% correctly. We all remember how in pre-digital times it was hard to find the help of a highly-qualified lawyer, luckily today it requires only one click, and a client is connected with a lawyer that is ready to give the expertise about a legal document or any other agreement. 59% of lawyers use or have used web-based software solutions to improve their business and the services they provide.

Legal Advice Platforms

With the development of the business of online consultations, an important and popular niche is taken by lawyers, who give legal consultations, 24/7 support with law issues, etc. Such platforms are handy both for clients who look for legal help and want to get quick and professional help from law firms and for individually working legal experts. 

In general, coming to legal advice platforms clients can find help with the following issues:

  • Benefits and compensations on their work;
  • Procurement legal issues;
  • Figure out different aspects of NDAs and NCC agreements;
  • Assistance to complete and prepare various legal papers;
  • Business contracts terms.

If you are a lawyer or a member of a law firm, you should definitely consider online platforms, as an option that can be great business development. Make your law related consultations available online, and you’ll see how many new clients would come to you. 

Today there are many options and solutions that you can consider as software to launch digital legal assistance space. Among the most popular solutions, you can see BernieSez, Law Zam, Ask A Lawyer, and Scrile Meet.

Though each software uses different approaches to building a law consultation platform, some of you might be confused at the very beginning of the way to a digital consulting firm. 

Tips and Tricks to Build a Perfect Consultation Platform

Do you know what are the most important steps that you need to follow to make a high-quality platform for legal consultations? There are 4 of them – research, business strategy, must-have services, and expert opinion. We want to study each step to give you a clear understanding of building a space to monetize your legal expertise and let lawyers sell their services. 


Before you enter the market of online consultants it is essential to do research. Every successful business starts with a well-done study of competitors, their prices, clients, and key features. Our recommendation is to make a list of the top three or five competitors and check out all their online platforms and resources. Try to find an answer to the following questions:

  • What are the key features that help them to stand out?
  • What can I do to be better than they?
  • What are the weak aspects that I should never repeat?
  • What features can you consider as an example of good services?

Moreover, it might be useful to imagine yourself to be the potential client who is looking for legal support and see if competitors’ mobile apps or websites can help you with a theoretical law problem. As soon as you do it and answer the above-mentioned questions you are ready to move to the next step.

Make your Business Strategy

The answers that you’ve got with the research are a great basement for you to build a perfect business plan for your consulting firm. No matter if you are about to start your company or want to move the existing one online, you have to set your goals and define tools to use to reach these goals. 

It is especially important to make the pricing crystal clear for your clients. Think of the billing procedure and the way clients would pay for the consultations you provide. For every client, it should be clear how much he or she would pay for your time, what banking method can be used, and many other aspects. 

Note: a clear list of your services and fees for your time allows clients to make a good impression about you. It shows that you take care of them and make the procedure as simple as possible.

Must-Have Services

When you are ready to move from planning to practice you should define the software that would work perfectly and help you to achieve the goals you have set for your legal firm. 

Even though the market is enriched with various solutions for building websites, apps, and platforms in general, it might be really hard to find the perfect one for your goals. At first, it seems pretty easy, but here you have to think about the platform from two perspectives. On the one hand, you are a law consulting firm owner and administrator of the platform, so it should be clear for you how to enable various features and services. You should understand how it works and be able to fix issues if needed. On the other hand, you should think of it as a user, the platform must have a user-friendly and simple-to-navigate interface. Your clients are those for whom the site is originally created. 

Expert Opinion

If you have chosen to build the law consulting platform from scratch we advise you to ask an expert to give his or her opinion about it and check if there are any bugs in the site code. If you know nothing about building websites it would be perfect for you to choose a solution that guarantees you experts support on the whole way of building and working your platform. For example with Scrile Meet, there is no need for you to worry that once your site was launched you would be left alone with it. No, on the contrary, Scrile experts are there any time of the day ready to support and help you develop any custom features that you need, so you could support your clients with their law issues non-stop. 

Even if you didn’t interact with the Scrile team before, go ahead and contact us to know more about the company and software for building platforms for law assistance. 

Online Promotion of your Lawyer Firm

Congratulations, you’ve managed to build a platform for your lawyer firm, but now it is time to consider options for the promotion of your business and options to grow the number of clients who look for a lawyer’s assistance.

Here is a simple guide for you to follow if you want to get benefits from moving your firm to an online space.

Make Your Firm Visible in Web Space

Think of all options you have to increase the number of people who get familiar with your platform. Study SEO tools to improve your positions in search engines like Google, enable target advertisement in all popular social media networks and apps. 

In general, try to be as noticeable as possible, as more than 33% of potential clients look for a lawyer’s services online. Go through various communities and topic-related forums. There are many people who look for advice on legal issues. They ask if someone has a similar experience, so why not advertise your lawyer services there? 

Real Life Meetings are Still Valuable

Even though you move your law firm to a digital space, it would be a mistake to refuse a client if he or she asks for a meeting in real life, not a video or a phone call. Personal meetings help to make your relationship better and some clients need it to feel that they can trust you. It is not necessary to have a big office downtown, you can choose any place where both of you would feel secure and comfortable.

Pay Extra Attention to Personal Approach

Try to stand out from average representatives of the industry. Unfortunately, the majority of online law firms freelance lawyers provide a standard set of online services and aren’t ready to be flexible to please the needs of a customer.  

Statistically, 42% of online firms take more than 3 days to answer a request from a client. If you are faster than almost half of all legal consulting firms you could get their clients and make them your loyal customers. 

5 Perks of Starting Online Legal Consultation Firm

Before we finish this article, here are 5 aspects that definitely would convince you to consider online consultations as an option for improving your business and moving it to the next level. 

  1. Legal advice platforms are a part of a fast-growing industry.

In 2021 the revenue of the Online Legal Services industry is $8.8 billion, marking a continued growth trend from 2020 when the market of freelance lawyers garnered $8.5 billion. This upward trajectory in the business of legal consultations demonstrates a robust development within the sector. Moving into 2022, the industry saw a further increase, with revenues climbing to an estimated $9.4 billion, fueled by the growing demand for virtual legal services and the integration of advanced technologies like AI in legal consultation platforms. The optimism remained strong in 2023, as preliminary figures suggest a revenue surge to around $10 billion, largely attributed to the expanded adoption of digital legal services amidst the evolving legal needs of businesses and individuals. The positive outlook is bolstered by advancements in data centers across the USA, indicating a sustainable growth pattern in the industry.

  1. More online promotion brings more clients.

As soon as you make a platform for your law firm online with such a software solution as Scrile Meet, it makes the procedure more convenient both for you and for your clients. Everyone has more options to choose how and when they want to communicate. More options make your firm more efficient and more attractive for new clients.

  1. The result that pleases you and your clients.

With trustworthy software, it is easy for a lawyer or law firm to build a platform that would respond to all the needs of the target audience, moreover, with Scrile Meet you have access to customize it under your own tastes, or to work within the company’s platform if you aren’t ready to make your own website resource. 

  1. Invest in accessibility.

For clients, it is important to feel that a lawyer values their time, so being available online puts you one step ahead of traditional legal consulting businesses. A client doesn’t have to make plans to be sure that he or she could meet with you to discuss their legal issues. If clients enjoy your services and the way how you treat them, then they would recommend you as a great consultant, consequently increasing your audience. 

  1. Be your own boss. 

This point can be considered as a result of the previous one, as with accessibility comes flexibility. With your own online consulting platform business you can choose any place in the world to work from. There is no need for a lawyer to go to an office and stay there from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Lawyer and a client are the only two who decide where and when they would have an online meeting. 

Final Opinion and Our Recommendation

In our article, we have covered the most important aspects of launching a lawyer consultation platform. We wrote about the very beginning of the way, promotion options, and main benefits that a lawyer or an owner of a law firm has with an online platform for consultations and monetization. 

For those of you who got inspired with an option of online legal consultations, we are ready to recommend a software solution. Scrile Meet would please everyone:

  • A lawyer who wants to taste an option of online consultations;
  • A group of experienced lawyers who decided to unite on a platform, to collaborate and monetize their knowledge;
  • An owner of a big law firm decided to explore a new form of business and enter the online marketplace.

You can visit Scrile Meet official page, where you can read more information about software features, or contact our managers to get exhaustive answers to your questions. 

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