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How to start an online coaching business?

Being an amateur in any field it is inevitable that once you develop your skills you become an expert, and with time you gain enough knowledge, so you can create a coaching business. In 2021 many businesses moved to online space, including coaching companies and experts. 

Being an amateur in any field it is inevitable that once you develop your skills you become an expert, and with time you gain enough knowledge, so you can create a coaching business. In 2021 many businesses moved to online space, including coaching companies and experts. 

In this article, we have collected some tips and tricks for individual coaching experts and coaching businesses who want to enter the online market. 

Who Can be an Online Coach?

Who can become a coach

It might be surprising, but it doesn’t matter what field you are coaching in. Foraging languages, fitness or dance classes, a long-time practicing lawyer, or any other type of entertainment, education, or life management. You might be shocked to find out how many people worldwide look for coaching to deal with their problems. 

Online coaching shouldn’t be considered as some kind of business that is created using a marketing model aimed at cheating on those who look for help. Of course, if a person who doesn’t have enough skills at tutoring would give classes, the result of such coaching would be almost none, it would be just a waste of time. But the same would happen as well if he or she would give offline classes. Any kind of consulting or support should be done only by a person with a decent set of skills and knowledge. 

Profitable Niches for Online Coaches

For those of you who feel that they are skilled enough to be a coach and feel the passion for coaching others online, we have listed the most profitable niches in 2024. 

Wellness and Mental Health 

Nutrition experts, doctors with private practice, psychologists, and representatives of alternative medicine all can find a use for their knowledge and expertise in the creation of an online coaching business. 

This niche is supposed to be one of the fastest developing branches of the online coaching market in 2024. The U.S. Health Coaching Market report states that in 2021 health coaching already has gained about $7 billion, and it shows positive dynamics. 

Finance Management

There is no doubt that people pay a lot of attention to the management of their finances, and they regularly look for coaching. Consequently, the demand for personal coaching or experts who work with big businesses and know how to invest money properly is very high. 

There are different types of coaching offered in the financial sphere, so you can be a broker, fee-only fiduciary, or any other financial online advisor, make your consultations digital, and you’ll definitely make some money on it. 

Digital Marketing

The sphere of digital marketing business has developed only in this decade, so the number of experienced coaching experts who can support other businesses is not that high as advisors of professions that appeared long ago (like lawyers, doctors, etc.)

Today both big companies and independent personal businesses understand that digital and social media marketing is an important step on the way to success. So if you know the very core of this online market and are ready to monetize your knowledge and skills, then go ahead and create the website for your online coaching business. 

Education and Tutoring

With 2020 experience we all know that online studying and tutoring are not that difficult as people thought. Many people all over the world are looking for experienced coaching tutors who could teach them math online or help them to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, DELE, HSK, and some other foreign language international exams.

The niche of online tutoring with time would develop more and more, as people always study languages and globalization creates the trend for it. 

Astrology and Spirituality

If you are good at different spiritual practices like meditation or religious teaching, then try to expand the number of people you are coaching and move to online. You might be surprised by the number of people who are globally united by the same ideas and look for proper coaching.

Also, now there are many people into astrological and other kinds of spiritual online consultations. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge then be sure to find people who seek your guidance online. 

7 Simple Steps to Start a Coaching Business

If you relate to one of the above-mentioned options then you really should consider running a coaching online website. In case you think that the task is too difficult, and it is impossible to manage and administrate such an online business, then check on these seven steps that change your mind. 

Step 1: What is the goal?  

Well, you already know that you or your team is good at an exact field. Though it is not enough just to know some information you have to understand how to apply it, but also be able to explain it to others online and help them to benefit from it.

Business planning

If you have a team behind your back, define the roles for each person, so everyone would have their own set of responsibilities. 

Step 2: Who is your target audience?

For any online business, it is important to understand who is the person that might be interested in your coaching. To identify this person, at first, you should figure out the basic features:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Social class 

Knowing this basic information you can not only see the image of your possible client but also define the direction of your further development. 

Step 3: Official papers

There is no stated rule saying that it is required for an online coach to have a certificate. Though it is clear that a coach and an online expert with relevant papers attract more clients, and have more income eventually. 


In this case, a certificate calms a client down, insuring him or her that you as a coach studied a lot and worked hard to get it.  

Step 4: Convert your knowledge into a product that can be bought

Any money-making business model needs something that clients would buy. It may be accessed to a website with unique courses, a program with a list of steps that must be fulfilled to get the desired result, or a time-limited communication with the expert. 

Free your imagination, with your own online business you can decide on your own how to promote the product. Here are some features that you can develop into commercially viable products:

  • Personal website
  • Social media representation
  • Platform with your courses
  • Group audio and video calls 
  • Free demo courses for attraction of social groups

Step 5: Digital representation

To be able to compete for the attention of clients in a digital space you need a website that clients could come to and get general information about the service you provide. Indeed, you shouldn’t be afraid of building a website as there are a lot of options business owners and coaches can use to create a website and develop the platform. 

Website to promote your coaching business

With a website, you make communication easier for both clients and coaches. On such websites, any coach can provide all the information about the help they provide, the price for the courses, or calls. So clients get information on their own and start the conversation only when they are interested in your help. 

Step 6: Think of tools for delivering consultations

The way of delivering information is almost as important as the information itself. Sometimes it is even the reason why people don’t get it on their own. 

The platform a lot depends on the type of your coaching. Online you can find some of the following options:

Facebook groups: to gather visual information and group courses that are located on other websites. Also, it can be used for personal and group chatting with your clients, though it is not that good for live streams. It has such a feature, but initially, it wasn’t designed for it. 

YouTube channel: if your coaching is designed in a form of pre-recorded videos, probably YouTube is the best platform to upload it and share with your clients. It has both streaming features and regular videos.  

Communication channel: for text-only consultations you can use various platforms designed for massaging. They always have a user-friendly design and are easy to download and install. Though here be ready that the set of features is pretty limited. For example, consider WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Coaching platform: in case your coaching is supposed to have all types of helping features, we recommend you to consider building a website where you would be able to offer all kinds of help. For instance, Scrile Meet offers a great solution that supports a lot of useful features that can be used for online coaching. 

Step 7: Coaching is a business

Having a coaching website and helping clients online remember that online coaching is still a business. You have to work out a plan for the development of your website and support it with promotion.

Development of your coaching business website

The promotion can be realized with the help of different social media, with pay-per-click ads on related online resources, consider email newsletters to inform people about new courses, or free chat groups. In general, remember to keep in touch with former clients. 

Benefits of Running Coaching Business Online

Coaching online

Now you see that it is really easy to start an online coaching business and the steps to success aren’t too difficult and easy to fulfill. Though if you are still confused why we insist on creating a website and coach online, here are several benefits that should make you understand that online coaching is the best option in 2024.

  1. Location-free business. If you are a person who can’t live without spontaneous trips, or just doesn’t like office work, consider online coaching. Indeed, when you have all the consultations online there is no need for you to stay in the same place and be caged in the office. With online coaching, you need only a high-speed internet connection and a device that you use to stay online. 
  2. Cheap to start. It seems a little weird when it costs a lot to start a business that you need to start making money. In the case of online coaching, it works properly, the amount of money that you have to pay to start the business is really affordable. For example with Scrile Meet, it would cost you only $10 per month, moreover, at first, you can try the platform with 14 days of a free trial. 
  3. Online is our future. There is no doubt that digital marketing and online businesses are our future. Moving your coaching business to an online space would give you thousands of options for development. 

5 Wrong Ideas about Online Coaching Business

#1 Working online is equal to not working at all

Working from home

That is a common mistake to consider coaching and any other type of online work as something that doesn’t take time or effort. People used to see peaceful Instagram stories of coaches lazily sitting on the beach with a laptop on their knees with a cup of iced coffee in their hands. Remember that it’s just a quick picture, behind that all coaches hide hard work. 

#2 Online coaching business doesn’t require smart investments

For a profitable online coaching business it is not necessary to hire a team of highly paid course creators, or a platform solution that would cost a fortune. In general, the price of any software, marketing strategy features, or hiring of a new coach would never state the quality. 

At the very beginning, a coaching business can have a one-page website or a coach can work on a third-party platform. Remember that with the development of your online coaching business, with new clients and social recognition you could invest in it knowing what exactly would work for your coaching business. 

#3 You don’t need a budget to start an online coaching business

Do you feel how it is related to mistake #2? Online coaching business as well as any other business requires thoughtful planning and building marketing strategy. Even though it is pretty cheap to create your coaching business you have to see the full picture of the market and the place of your business in it. 

Advice from our team is to make a list of all spending that starting a coaching business would take. Don’t waste $100.000 on a platform unless income from coaching is 2 times higher.

#4 Trusting your clients is enough for a successful coaching business 

Online coaching business depends on clients a lot, on the opinion that people have about your website and the result of your help. Coaches also have to remember to make themselves safe from misunderstandings between them and clients. 

Prepare an agreement before providing your services

We recommend to all coaching business owners to prepare an agreement that a coach and a client would sign. In this document, it is essential to list all coaching services that you would provide. 

#5 Everyone can advise on coaching business building 

Unfortunately, not everyone can give advice on how to coach properly. Some coaches who are only at the very beginning of the development of their coaching online business ask for help from people who don’t have enough expertise in it. 

The best option here is to ask for help from those who already run a successful website or a platform with a coaching business. 

The Best Platform for Online Coaching

Scrile Meet

The best option for building coaching online business is the one that gives options for clients. With Scrile Meet coaches do have an option to choose the way of starting an online business. 

An independent solo coach can choose either to place his or her service on the Scrile Meet website where any coach can offer a service and people can book a consultation. 

Scrile Meet plans

But the best feature that the Scrile Meet team offers to coaching online businesses is the Enterprise plan. The set of features that a coaching business gets with Scrile Meet Enterprise is close to being countless. 

  • Building a coaching website with a unique domain name 
  • Your own billing account for seamless payments for coaching
  • Full access to admin panel 
  • Customization of website pages with the help of a special editor
  • Full access to the source code
  • Premium support of your coaching business any time you need help
  • Your own site content policy (which means that the niche of your online coaching would be limited only by your imagination and federal law)

And above that’s not the full list of features that Scrile Meet offers to online coaching businesses and independent coaching experts. To get more information about starting an online coaching business with our Enterprise plan, contact the Scrile Meet team to arrange a free call with a member of the customer service team. 

If you are still not sure about building an independent website check a Start-up plan. For an online coaching business, it would be beneficial to get used to the platform with a 14 days trial feature. 

Start 14-Day Free Trial

Final Thoughts

Even if at first building an online coaching business sounds like a simple way to make money without any effort, we hope that after reading this article you understood that it needs your time and thoughtful approach. It is important for coaching business owners or solo coaching experts to take care of the following issues:

  • Creation of an amazing marketing strategy for the promotion of your own coaching brand on social media;
  • Probably consider starting a group of coaching experts, who would share your passion, and help to develop the online business;
  • Building a course or several courses that you would promote as a product of your coaching business.
  • Choosing a platform that could fulfill all your ideas.

With Scrile Meet any online coaching business would find a way to start a unique platform that satisfies both coaching experts and people who seek their coaching.

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