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7 AI Tools For Onlyfans Creators To Make More Money

What are some of the best OnlyFans tools for OnlyFans creators? We have mentioned a number of Tools, SaaS, and extensions as well as services to use as an OnlyFans creator.

best OnlyFans tools for creators

best OnlyFans tools for creators

Running an OnlyFans business is hard, and if you have a large number of subscribers or fans on OnlyFans, it is way harder for creators to optimize their page. There are a lot of OnlyFans tools that you can use to make more money, get more done in less time, have more data about your fans, and a lot of other cool things you can do with these best OnlyFans tools. 

The world is changing, OnlyFans is one of the most profitable businesses you can run, but at the same time, it is very tiring to run the OnlyFans page if you are doing it solo. So, we have listed a number of OnlyFans tools that you can use. 

7 Best OnlyFans Tools for Creators: 

  1. Scrile Connect: Scrile Connect is the best tool for anyone looking to start an OnlyFans-like website or a community of their own, but it has all the features that OnlyFans provides to them. Join Scrile Connect here.
  2. Chatterly: Chatterly is software for OnlyFans management agencies and individual creators to easily manage chatters working with you. They provide you tools and faster data analytics.
  3. Joining an OnlyFans management agency: OnlyFans management and marketing agencies could help you make more money. Working with an OnlyFans management agency could help you get more time for yourself and make more money.  The No.1 OnlyFans Management agency is, Join here.
  4. ChatGPT: A modern AI tool to help you generate captions, Bio ideas and can give you ideas about new content. 
  5. Canva: Canva is a tool to help you design pictures and videos or make thumbnails or social media posts. 
  6. OnlyFans discovery tools: There are a lot of discovery tools that help you promote to your target audience. The biggest thing is; it is a paid promotion. 
  7. Linktree or other alternatives: Want to display a number of links in one link? Linktree or there are other alternatives that you can use. 
  8. Chatters software: If you want to hire chatters and not working with any OnlyFans management agencies, you can work with chatters using software like Infloww or Fansmetric. 

Now, let’s discuss each of these services or tools in detail: 

Scrile Connect: 

Running an OnlyFans page is very risky in some ways, especially if you violate some of their terms without knowing they might suspend your account. OnlyFans is still the best platform for running adult content businesses, but if you want to have certain backups, it is better to use Scrile Connect. 

If most of your followers on OnlyFans are from social media, you can use platforms like Scrile Connect to start your business.

Scrile Connect gives you features like charging a subscription, receiving a Tip, making money through selling PPVs and mass messages, and making money through video calling and charging per minute basis. Scrile Connect is one of the best tools for OnlyFans creators. OnlyFans charge you 20% on every transaction, while Scrile Connect charges you 0% on service charges. You just have to pay a fixed amount of money. 

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Chatterly: The No.1 software for managing chatters:

This app is for both agencies and individual creators who looking to manage chatters in a better way. The best thing about Chatterley is that you can log in to the creator account with their software by giving access to your chatters without them seeing other important data.

They provide you features like Message tracking, Advanced analytics, set permission access, and can share multiple accounts with each chatter.

Joining an OnlyFans management agency: 

You can’t make $100k a month on OnlyFans without a team, and OnlyFans management agencies are the right spot for it. They have the right talent to work with you and help you with management to marketing your OnlyFans account. 

They provide you with services such as OnlyFans account management and OnlyFans marketing, help you with editing, and have special tips and tricks to promote your content on social media platforms like TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter. 

For example, an agency, is providing services to dozens of creators, and they have grown over 100% to 200% month-over-month. 

ChatGPT: An AI Tool that could be used for OnlyFans text content: 

Remember, this will work only if you are using the premium version of ChatGPT, which at the time of writing, is GPT-4. You can use ChatGPT to write captions for your OnlyFans videos or pictures, or you can write captions for your social media content.

You can also use this tool to get OnlyFans Bio ideas for your profile. Another thing that most creator struct with is having ideas for the content, and using ChatGPT-4, you can get a lot of OnlyFans content ideas and even get ideas for scheduling the whole content for a week for you. 

Here are some AI insights for adult content creators.


Canva is a modern tool to help you create social media posts, create your OnlyFans cover, and create amazing posts for your OnlyFans page and social media. 

OnlyFans discovery tools: 

There are many OnlyFans creator discovery tools or platforms where fans can find their favorite creator based on many filters, like creators who are above 20 or MILF creators or Creators who belong to specific ethnicity or creators based on country. 

You can promote your profile on these platforms, but it is not for beginner OnlyFans creators as they are paid marketing platforms where you have to pay to promote your account and get more followers or subscribers on the OnlyFans page. 

Linktree or other alternatives: 

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and OnlyFans give you an opportunity to add just one link to your profile. Linktree can help you add all your social media and OnlyFans page links to create just one link. 

You can add this link to your profile, and if someone visits this link, he/she can view all your social media handles and your OnlyFans free and paid pages. 

Chatters software: 

If you wish to not work with an OnlyFans management agency, you can hire chatters on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr and use these software like Infloww to help you with the management of your chatters without giving them access to change anything, but they can only manage your messages. 

There are many tools that provide such services; some of them are expensive, while some of them are a bit cheaper. 


Can I Use AI on OnlyFans?

While OnlyFans prohibits posting synthetically generated content without consent from the person depicted, and strictly bans non-consensual deepfakes, creators can use AI in other ways. For instance, AI can be employed to generate entirely fictional avatar models that do not resemble real individuals. This allows for creative and innovative content creation within the platform’s guidelines.

Does OnlyFans Use Chatbots?

Yes, AI chatbots are used on OnlyFans. For example, Botly is an AI chatbot designed specifically for the OnlyFans platform. It enhances the user experience by providing a conversational AI solution that is fun, flirty, and friendly. This tool can help creators manage interactions and maintain engagement with their subscribers.

Who is Number 1 on OnlyFans?

As of 2021, American model and television personality Blac Chyna was reported to be the top-earning creator on OnlyFans. She was estimated to earn about 20 million U.S. dollars per month from the platform. This demonstrates the significant earning potential for successful creators on OnlyFans.

PS: Best OnlyFans tools for creators and agencies: 

If you are an OnlyFans creator and looking to make a lot of money while not draining your energy into making this possible, you can use these tools to build a sustainable business, have more time for yourself, create social media posts, join an OnlyFans management agency, and using AI to help you do more in less time. 

Scrile Connect is a tool you can use to build a sustainable business around your content and start building a community of loyal subscribers. 

Utilizing Effective Tools and Understanding Guidelines for OnlyFans Success

These articles offer valuable resources and guidelines for OnlyFans creators, focusing on leveraging tools, complying with platform rules, and engaging effectively with fans.