Start a High-Potential Business

Open-up your business potential with Scrile Connect — a scalable, reliable, and customizable PaaS platform. Start, grow, and scale your content monetization site at a pace that suits you now.

Scrile Connect is a platform for launching your own content monetization site.

As a white-label solution, that allows you to brand your service to match your business needs.

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Advantages of Scrile Connect

Using Scrile Connect as your tech partner brings you benefits, crucial for starting and developing an online business

Quick Time to Market

Launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) swiftly and test the market response.

Low Initial Investment

Cost-effective way to kickstart your project.


Adjusting the platform to your needs.

Attracting Funding

Scrile Connect powered businesses are attractive to investors. Show potential for growth and niche adaptation to secure funding.

High Exit Potential

Yield substantial returns with high-potential in the content creator industry and facilitates profitable exit strategies.

Dream Journey

Explore the roadmap from MVP to a $30 million deal, marked by key milestones, to understand how Scrile Connect has been powering businesses to success.

Jun 2020

The Glow Platform Launch

Sep 2020

Merchant Account Setup and Billing Integration

Dec 2020

Enterprise & Custom Feature Development

Feb 2021

Rebranding & Shaping Identity: From Glow to Dream

Oct 2021

Playboy Purchased the Dream for $30 Million

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Success with Scrile Connect based on a few critical factors
High Exit Potential

Land creators with an engaged audience from social media.

Testing Business Model

Make sure of the opportunity to make money.

Building Unique Product

Create a standout product that suits the unique demands of your target market.

Attracting Investments

Secure investment for future project growth and development, especially to adapt the project to a specific niche in the content creator industry.

Simplified Phasing
Pre-Launch Phase

This is where your journey begins. You brand your service, and prepare for a successful launch.

Growth Phase

This phase is all about making money. You attract creators to your platform and grow your customer base.

Funding Phase

In this optional phase, you’re ready to scale massively or even sell your platform to investors for a significant profit.

Investment Potential

Quick start of MVP for a not-significant amount of money in a high-potential niche, with the ability to test the business model, upscale the company.


Lower limit of MVP cost per year

With Scrile Connect, you're not just buying software, but getting a partner committed to your business goals.