Scrile Connect

Get your own site for content monetization

Connect creator with fans to make money on personal engagements

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One of our product page
One of our product page
  • Set up personal domain name

    Launch independent site under your own domain name to invest in your personal branding

  • Get direct payments to your account

    Receive money to your payment account instanly with no need to wait for payouts

  • Choose convenient payment options

    Set up reliable payment gateways to accept payments by credit card or cryptocurrency

  • Establish content and pricing policy

    Set up limitless payment rules for the content of any kind

Instant launch with no coding

Scrile Connect is a full-featured turnkey solution that lets you create your own website without any technical skills

  • Content security and protection

    Built-in protection tools and privacy policy insure creators from private content leaks and distribution

  • No restrictions from social networks

    Share your personal link in bio of any social network without the risk of getting banned or blocked

  • Extend features for content monetization

    Explore built-in tools to increase earnings: paid posts, multi-level subscriptions, mass PPV messages with attachments, private video calls with per minute billing, live events, tipping, etc.

How much can I earn?

Calculate your estimated earnings and see how much can you benefit from using Connect.

1 10

How many content creators will you have?

100,000 1,000,000

The average number of their followers

*you will convert about 5% of followers to your website

50 100

What is the % of payout to creators?

Platform revenue

Website owner profit
$21,600 / per month

Creators’ earnings:
$86,400 / per month

Using third party services you are losing $21,600 per year in commission!

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Monetization Tools for Creators

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Attract your audience from social networks

Promote your personal site on social networks to find the most loyal fans who are ready to pay.

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Convert free followers into paying fans

Engage members with free posts and gated content accessible through paid subscriptions.

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Upscale revenue with private messages

Find out who is willing to pay more money for personal communication through paid messages with exclusive attachments.

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Raise extra income with real-time communication

Use private video calls or live streams to interact with members in real time. The longer you chat the more money you get.

Take control of all aspects of your business
User management
Earnings statistics
Built-in content editor
Logo and favicon customization
Website colors settings
Payout requests calculation
Individual payout commission settings
Caring technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you take any commission from your creators’ earnings?
  • How could I accept payment from my clients?
  • How to process payouts on my site?
  • What payment gateway can you integrate?
  • How could I add new features to the site for free?
  • Where are the servers? Do you use CDN so we can have fast speeds all over the world?
  • Is it possible to integrate the platform into my WordPress Site?
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