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How Much Should You Should Charge For Selling Feet Pics?

If you are a beginner Feet sellers or anyone who is interested to understand how much to charge for feet pics, this guide will help you better understand how much you can charge for feet pics and videos. We also shared a table in this article to help you give you a clear idea about the pricing of feet pics.

How much to charge for Feet pics as a seller

How much to charge for Feet pics as a seller

If you are a feet seller and got your first subscriber, you might be curious about how much to charge for Feet pics? In this article, we have briefly explained how much you can feet pics cost for a beginner, intermediate, and creators with big followings.

Are you finding it difficult to balance the prices of your foot pictures between too high and too low? Or do you want to know the average foot content prices to ensure valuable and profitable sales? If so, we are here to help you with our expert analysis and recommendations.

Many models step into the foot fetish industry with sky-high price tags on their content. Unfortunately, such models fail to get any traction on their seller profiles. On the other hand, some foot models quote such low prices for their content that they make no profit. But, since you are here, we won’t let this happen to you.

This detailed guide goes into detail, describing the science of pricing your foot pictures and videos accurately. Furthermore, we have included the average price range table for each foot content category to help you establish a better understanding. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to explore. 

How much to charge for Feet pics as a seller

Selling Foot Pics Online: Understanding the Audience

As a foot content seller, it is critical that you identify and understand your target customer. Once you recognize your audience, it is easier to set appropriate prices. As a result, in this section of our detailed guide, we will help you understand the types of customers you will encounter and their needs, allowing you to set appropriate prices.

Below is a list of people who can potentially become your foot content buyers:

  • Foot Lovers: Of course, this one was obvious. Most of your target audience consists of foot fetishists or individuals with podophilia. These foot enthusiasts experience sexual attraction toward foot pictures or videos and buy them to satisfy their sexual cravings. Regardless of the platform you choose to sell your foot content, the majority of your buyers will be foot lovers.

Typically, men exhibit foot fetishism. However, women or transgender people can also have sexual fantasies about pretty feet.

  • People with Foot fetish: The majority of your buyers of Feet pics are people with foot fetish. A foot fetish is when a person is attracted sexually to Feet pics. This should be your target audience.
  • Foot Wear or Foot Care Companies: You must have seen hundreds of footwear or foot care advertisements featuring gorgeous foot pictures or videos. Whose feet do you think these brands feature? Foot models, of course. Therefore, creating and publishing high-quality foot content can help you establish long-term commitments with prominent brands.
  • Artists: Surprisingly! Feet pictures are known as representations of art, eroticism, submissions, and domination. Most sketch artists or painters look for quality foot content on online marketplaces. You can sell your foot pictures to artists along with the copyrights and permission to publish your content. 
  • Findom Enthusiasts: Financial dominance, also known as FinDom, has emerged as a popular kink among millions of individuals worldwide. People with the Findom kink may want to submit or worship the pictures of your feet. These kinky buyers may also show interest in establishing long-term Findom relationships, which you can accept or deny according to your interests and availability. 
  • Foot Jewelry or Accessories Brand: Companies selling foot jewelry or accessories like socks, stockings, or props may also request you to become their model and create customized content.
  • Stock Photo Websites: Influencers, agencies, or stock photo sites may also show interest in high-quality foot content for reselling or redistribution purposes. These companies purchase the content along with its copyrights from you and then make money by reselling it to interested brands or other customers.
  • Educationalists: Students who aim to become podiatrists or take other foot-related courses may also become your clients.
  • Publishers: Many foot content buyers are publishers or advertisers who buy foot pictures to publish in books, magazines, novels, or wherever required.

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Factors to Consider Before Pricing Your Feet Pictures and Videos

Once you have developed a clear and detailed understanding of your target audience, it is time to learn about the significant factors influencing the demand and value of your foot content.

1. Average cost of feet pics

Remember that not all foot content monetization platforms are the same. Some online marketplaces host larger and richer audiences compared to others. For example, OnlyFans and FeetFinder are industry giants, with millions of big fish customers spending money on foot content. On such platforms, the top models even sell a single-foot picture for a price between $50 and $100. 

On the other hand, newer foot fetish websites have a small user base, with the average cost of a foot pic starting at $3. As a result, before pricing your foot picture or video, you must first analyze your platform’s user base and pricing trends.

2. Your Level as A Foot Content Seller

As stated above, the top models on platforms like OnlyFans and FeetFinder quote a price of up to $100 for a single-foot pic. Remember, the price they ask for their content is due to their experience levels and massive fan bases.

If you are a beginner-level foot model, consider pricing your foot pictures and videos reasonably and fairly in order to attract potential buyers. 

You can read how to sell Feet pics on OnlyFans, or if you are interested in selling Feet pics on FeetFinder, which is the No.1 platform for anyone, you can read FeetFinder reviews.

Moreover, setting a lower price or uploading free-to-view content will increase your exposure and popularity on the foot fetish marketplace. You can later increase your prices based on your content quality, existing user base, and seller level. 

3. Quality and Versatility of Your Content

In order to make big bucks as a foot model, you must maintain the quality and variety of your content. Considering the massive number of models stepping into the foot content-selling business, the client demands have increased, leaving no space for low or even average-quality content. Therefore, creators must invest in high-quality photography equipment, like HD cameras, to capture crystal-clear content. 

Moreover, you must learn foot photography techniques, poses, and angles to provide unique experiences to the audience. The more versatile and creative your content is, the more you can charge for it.

4. Type of Customer

You must have a keen eye to differentiate between various types of buyers. Some clients have deep pockets and can pay hundreds of dollars for a single content piece, whereas others are on a tight budget and can only afford $10 for the same content. For example, a footwear brand that wants you to create customized videos can pay a handsome amount for your pictures. On the other hand, the average foot lover would prefer to spend less money.

As a result, you must maintain the balance and determine the price of your content based on the client’s requirements, budget, and required services.

5. Format of Your Foot Content

You cannot sell all content formats at the same price. For example, if a foot video costs $50, you cannot sell a single picture or a photo album at that price. As a result, you must modify and customize your pricing according to the content you offer.

6. The Physical Appearance of Your Feet

First and foremost, all types of feet are beautiful and unique, each having an attractive factor that appeals to foot lovers. However, curvy, long, athletic, or fair-toned feet are in high demand compared to short, dark, or thick ones. Therefore, you must assess the type of your feet and then set a suitable price accordingly.

Even if you have average-looking or not-so-attractive feet, the most famous foot fetish platforms have a specialized category for dirty and ugly feet. 

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Analyzing The Average Price of Feet Pics

Now that we have learned all the necessary factors that you must consider before pricing your foot content, let us analyze and examine the average price for a foot picture and video. 

Although there is no fixed price at which you must sell your foot content, an average foot pic gets sold at a price ranging between $5-$100 or even more. It is up to the foot model or the seller to set the price for each content piece, considering all the factors mentioned above. 

However, to assist you in understanding the foot picture and video price range, we have shared a price table below: 

Content PieceAverage Pricing Range
A Single Foot Picture$5-$15
Bundle or Album of Foot Pictures$10-$25
Worn Socks$10-$30
Customized Foot PIcture$15-$40
A 15-30 Second Reel$10-$30
1-2 Minute $15-$35
Custom Foot Video$40-$60
Custom Foot Album$20-$40
Worn Shoes$50-$100
Face Reveal Foot Picture$20-$50
Face Reveal Foot Video$40-$80

Tips and Tricks to Price Your Foot Pictures and Videos Accurately

Are you still looking for further assistance to quote the right price for your foot content? If yes, read our expert advice listed below.

1. Analyze your Expenses and Keep a Decent Profitability

Although factors such as your content monetization platform, seller level, and buyer type all play a role in determining the price of your content, the most crucial factor is “your profitability.” You must analyze the variable and fixed prices you have spent creating a content piece and then quote a fee, keeping a reasonable profit margin.

2. Take Inspiration from The Prices of Your Competitors

When selling your content on an online marketplace, it is mandatory to investigate the industry trends and standards. Consider researching your competitors’ pricing strategies and the types of content that appeal to the most audiences. This way, you can make a calculative and data-based decision for pricing your foot pictures and videos. 

3. Get To Know Your Foot Fetish Clients

Every platform hosts users of all types. Some clients are big whales, while others only look for free-to-view content. As a seller, you must learn the skill of identifying and differentiating between a potential buyer and a time waster. 

In order to identify a legitimate client, you must investigate their history on the platform, including their interests, values, background, and sensitivities. Once you have identified a potential customer, set a price point that resonates with your customer’s budget and profitability.

4. Try Various Pricing Strategies

If you are a beginner-level creator, you cannot guess the perfect or optimal pricing for your feet pictures and videos. Therefore, in order to find the ideal pricing point that works best for you and your fan base, you must apply the try-and-test policy. Consider setting variable prices for different content pieces to determine which posts generate the most sales. This way, you will be able to discover your audience’s interests and affordability, too.

P.S. How much will you charge for foot pics?

We know it may seem challenging at first to determine the accurate pricing strategy for your foot fetish content. However, once you consider all the above-mentioned factors, you can establish a better understanding of how things work in the foot fetish industry. Moreover, we encourage you not to hesitate and try various price points to see what works best for you.

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you gain insights into pricing your foot pictures and videos.

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