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OnlyFans Mass Message Ideas With Examples

What are some of the best OnlyFans mass message ideas and examples? If you are an adult content creator on OnlyFans, this article will help you better understand the ideas for mass message content as well as sharing some of the OnlyFans mass message examples from other adult content creators.

OnlyFans mass message ideas with examples in details

OnlyFans mass message ideas with examples in details

In OnlyFans, mass messages are where you can make sales and sell your Pay-Per-View (PPV) content. If you record a special video and want to make the most of it, sending OnlyFans mass messages is a great idea, and you could make an extra $1k to $2k per video.

A lot of adult content creators just sell their PPV video, and after a few weeks, they release the video to all their paid subscribers.

Are you attempting to compose the ideal OnlyFans mass message? Do you want to learn the strategic tactics of creating engaging and highly responsive messages for your audience? If yes, you have landed on the right blog.

By devoting time and energy to crafting meaningful and customized mass messages, you can cultivate a devoted fan base on OnlyFans. This guide has been composed to help you level up your chatting game on OnlyFans. 

From giving you unique mass messaging ideas to discussing the structure of an ideal message, we have covered everything in this guide. So, without further ado, scroll down to start learning. 

In this article, we have explained the best OnlyFans mass message ideas with examples to help you better understand the content and make more money.

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What is Meant By Mass Messaging?

Mass messaging is an innovative marketing and promotional tool used worldwide to reach a greater audience with a single click. Websites provide the bulk texting feature to creators or providers to send their message to a larger audience once, saving effort and time. However, it is up to the sender to choose who should receive the message. 

It implies that if you want to exclude some of your community members from the recipient’s list, you can do it. At the same time, there is no limit to the number of recipients you can include in the mass messaging list. Conclusively, mass messaging is a customizable marketing tool that allows you to reach your targeted audience in a single go. 

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The Mass Messaging Feature on OnlyFans

If you are an OnlyFans model, you must already be aware of the limited promotional tools on the platform. Creators mostly rely on social media and other networking websites to market their content. In this scenario, the OnlyFans mass messaging feature is the only promotional method to increase your PPV sales and boost custom orders.

You can notify your fans about impending PPV posts, advertise ongoing sales, or send a heartfelt welcome note to your community members skillfully utilizing the OnlyFans mass messaging feature. By sending mass messages to your subscribers, you can save the time required to send messages individually. 

We have many other explanations on how the mass messaging feature can benefit OnlyFans creators. Some of them are listed below:

Helps Reach Targeted Audience

With the OnlyFans mass messaging feature, you can reach the targeted part of your OnlyFans community. For example, send a welcome note to all newcomers or a PPV message to high spenders.


There are several online tools available that allow you to personalize your mass messages by adding recipients’ names or other elements. You can improve the readability of your OnlyFans mass messages by customizing them. 

Boosts Sales

OnlyFans mass messaging feature is a highly interactive tool that allows you to promote your latest, past, or upcoming PPVs within your fan base. When you keep informing and enticing your audience about your exclusive content, your chances of selling it increase automatically. Furthermore, marketing ongoing discounts and enticing recipients to take advantage of them encourages them to do so. 

Two-Way Communication

You can initiate two-way communication with your subscribers by sending interactive mass messages. It is a linking tool that opens doors of engagement between creators and buyers.

Saves Time

Managing your OnlyFans account takes time, especially when you have to create content as well. The mass messaging option is a time-saving tool that delivers instant messages to all community members with a single click.

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Creative Strategies to Engage Your Audience with OnlyFans Mass Messages

You might ask yourself, “What messages should I send to my mass OnlyFans audience?” Remember that as an OnlyFans model, your creativity must never rest. Consider various ways to keep your clients engaged, as the moment they become bored, the likelihood of them leaving your profile rises. 

Below are creative ideas about engaging your fan base through the OnlyFans mass messaging feature.

1. Send Welcome Notes

Your clients, like anyone else, would appreciate receiving a welcome note. Sending a warm greeting is a sweet way of initiating customer relationships. To avoid undermining the impact of your kind welcome gesture, remember not to be overly sales in your message. It implies that you can invite newcomers to look at your PPVs rather than pressuring them to purchase.

2. Sale PPVs

It is one of the most popular uses of the OnlyFans mass messaging feature. Creators send messages to a mass audience, enticing them about upcoming posts, informing them about their latest PPVs, or sharing teasing factors about the uploaded PPVs. It is a tried and tested method to boost your pay-per-view sales as a digital creator.

3. Promote Offers and Discounts

Are you currently offering discounts, bundles, or offers on your OnlyFans profile? If yes, why not promote it using the mass messaging feature? Inform your OnlyFans community about the ongoing offers and gently advise them to take advantage before they expire. You can also include an end date on your discounted offers to instill a sense of urgency in the recipients.

4. Random Discussions

It is not mandatory to always send purposeful mass messages to your clients. Instead, you can send random hi-hellos, tell a funny story, or share sneak peeks of upcoming content to keep your audience engaged. 

5. Share OnlyFans-Related News

Are you offering any new services to your OnlyFans community? Have you recently updated your price menu, or are you about to collaborate with another OnlyFans model? If yes, inform your OnlyFans user base about everything to keep them connected to you.

6. Ask for Feedback

Taking customer feedback is one of the most effective ways of identifying and improving your weak points. Using the mass messaging option, ask your OnlyFans community about their views on your content and what they want improved. You can also solicit suggestions from your subscribers to determine the type of content they want to see. 

7. Follow Up with Ex-Subscribers

You can also send a mass message to your expired subscribers thanking them for their time with you and inviting them to re-subscribe for access to future projects.

How to Compose Interactive OnlyFans Mass Messages? Tips and Tricks 

Now that you have ample ideas on sending OnlyFans mass messages, it is time to guide you on composing impressive mass messages. “Impressive mass messages”—is that really a thing? Well, it is. There is a difference between a regular message and one composed carefully to get the recipient instantly engaged.

Below are some ideas to compose interactive OnlyFans mass messages:

1. Compose an Eye-Catching Subject Line

Regardless of the platform you use to send mass messages, whether an email, a job proposal, or an OnlyFans text, the first two lines determine whether or not the recipient will open it. Remember to deliver the core of your message first, followed by a description of how reading the entire message will benefit the readers. Here are a few examples of how to start your OnlyFans mass message effectively:

  •  Flash Sale! I am offering 30% off on the PPVs attached to this message.
  • Hi babe. Ready to see how I spent my last night? 🙈
  • Holla amigos. This message contains a free surprise for everyone who reads to the end.

2. Send Different Types of Mass Messages

Do not always use the mass messaging feature to sell PPVs or take custom orders. Instead, be random sometimes and send generic messages to make your OnlyFans subscribers feel like part of a community. For example, you can have a question-answer session, extend giveaways, or hold contests to keep your fan base engaged and entertained.

3. Always Send Personalized Mass Messages

In order to increase the readability of your messages and to grab the recipient’s attention instantly, always add an essence of personalization to your messages. Use online tools to add the receiver’s names to your mass messages. Moreover, consider composing the text in a communicative tone. For example, instead of saying, “Hello everyone,” write, “Hello (name).”

4. Acquire Selling Skills

We know mass messaging is an excellent method to increase your PPV sales. But remember that pushing your audience too hard will make them feel like your wallet or human ATM, which is the last thing you want your subscribers to think about you. Therefore, you must learn attractive selling techniques like creating tantalizing captions, showing partially censored content to ignite curiosity, or testing various price points to see what works best for your users. 

5. Be YOU in your Mass Messages

As an OnlyFans creator, you must always stay true to your originality and character. Although it is acceptable to borrow ideas from the examples of mass messages, do not copy and paste someone else’s text. Consider including elements such as witty jokes, naughty lines, and sexy phrases to compel users to respond to your messages.

6. Always Include a Call-to-Action 

Including a clear CTA must be an essential component of your OnlyFans mass message structure. You must direct the readers toward what you want them to do. For example, “click the link to unlock the latest PPV” or “reply to this message and receive free sneak peeks at my upcoming video.”

Examples Of Engaging OnlyFans Mass Messages

Here are examples of OnlyFans mass messages that are readable and highly interactive.

  • Good day, newcomer. Thank you for joining my community; it gives me pleasure that you are interested in my content. Would you like to look at my service menu to see what I have to offer? I have attached the link below in the hopes of starting a wonderful experience with you. 😍 😘
  • Hi (name). Are you ready to avail yourself of the biggest discount of the year? I am offering 30% off on all PPVs for the next two days. Hurry up and get the benefit of this limited-time offer NOW!
  • Hello, dear. I have recently updated my OnlyFans menu and added a dick rating service to it. Please view the card below and take a custom audio, video, or written review for your sexy cock. 😉 😉
  • Hello hello! I am super excited to update you about my upcoming PPV album. It took me one week to prepare this one! I bet this one is going to be my sexiest content of all time. 😀 😀


How Do You Send a Mass Message on OnlyFans?

To send a mass message on OnlyFans, which is often used for marketing or promotional purposes, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “+” button on your OnlyFans account.
  2. Select the audience you wish to send the message to.
  3. Upload a video or picture you want to include in your message.
  4. Set a paywall for the content if desired.
  5. Click on “send” to distribute your message to all your chosen followers at once.

How Do I Message an OnlyFans Account?

To send a PPV (pay-per-view) or price locked message on OnlyFans, you’ll need to:

  1. Click on the envelope icon at the top of the OnlyFans page to go to the chat page.
  2. Once on the chat page, click “New Message.”
  3. Select “All Subscribers” to target all your followers, or choose specific individuals.
  4. Click “Next” and compose your message, attaching any media if necessary.

How Do You Make Money from Messages on OnlyFans?

Making money from messages on OnlyFans involves using direct or private messages. Creators can charge a fee for users to send personalized, private messages, which can be for advice, chatting, or other interactions. You have the flexibility to set the price for your direct messages, with a maximum of $100. Additionally, you can decide the frequency with which you want to accept and respond to these paid messages.

P.S. OnlyFans Mass Message Ideas With Examples

The OnlyFans mass messaging feature is an excellent relationship-building tool for creators. However, in order to utilize the feature efficiently, you must acquire sales tactics and master the art of putting your thoughts into words. As a result, rather than focusing solely on hunting new subscribers, you should prioritize nurturing your relationship with those you already have. 

We sincerely hope that this comprehensive guide will assist you in mastering the skill of creating engaging OnlyFans mass messaging. 

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