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What is A Comprehensive Review

Explore the intriguing world of content creation platforms as we pit against OnlyFans. Discover their unique features, benefits, and costs. Plus, learn about Scrile Connect, a remarkable solution empowering creators to build their own platform. Dive in to uncover how you can maximize your earnings and control over your content!

What is MYM vs OnlyFans

What is MYM vs OnlyFans

Introduction, a burgeoning social network, provides a unique social media platform where content creators can connect with their fans. This article aims to explain in detail how works, the services it offers, how creators can earn money through the platform and how it compares to OnlyFans. We’ll also explore an alternative way for content creators to make money with their own independent website.

What is MYM.Fans? logo

Established as a response to the growing demand for more personalized social media platforms, serves as a venue for sharing private content. Anyone can join, from celebrities with over three million followers to smaller influencers looking to grow their social media presence. This platform doesn’t only allow you to share content but also provides a way to make money from your online presence. is not your typical social network platform; it’s a bespoke network built around the concept of fan-to-celebrity interaction. Content creators can share public, private, and custom content, and fans can subscribe to their favorite creators to access this personalized content.

To sign up for a mym fans account, you only need a valid email address and to agree to the platform’s terms and conditions. Once you’ve created your account, you can start sharing content, attracting mym fans, and earning from your online activities.

How Does MYM.Fans Work?, an acronym for “Meet Your Model”, is a premium social network site designed to generate recurring revenue for content creators, often referred to as ‘models’. It has carved out a unique niche in the social media landscape by providing a platform for models to create custom content with their fans. Unlike mainstream social media platforms, MYM fans offers a blend of public and private, subscription-locked content, providing a robust income stream for models.

What sets MYM fans apart is its inclusive approach to content creation. While it provides a platform for models and personalities typically associated with adult content, it is equally welcoming to creators from other niches. Fitness enthusiasts, chefs, gamers, singers, and more can all find a home on The website design reflects this diversity, focusing on health influencers, clothed models, chefs, and more in its promotional material. is dedicated to creating a safe and diverse platform where content creators can monetize their skills and passions. While adult content is permitted, the platform does not solely promote this niche, aiming instead to cater to a mainstream market.

Who Can Join MYM Fans?

MYM fans is a highly inclusive and diverse platform, opening its doors to a wide range of content creators across various niches. From models to fitness enthusiasts, influencers to artists, the platform is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of talents and passions. Whether you’re an established content creator with a robust following or a newcomer looking to connect with a dedicated fan base, MYM fans offers a comprehensive platform to monetize your work and create an intimate connection with your fans.

Age and Identity Verification

As with any platform dealing with adult content, MYM fans maintains a strict age restriction. To join the platform, you need to be at least 18 years old. This is non-negotiable and is in compliance with international laws concerning adult content. Furthermore, to ensure the safety and credibility of the platform, you are required to undergo an identity verification process. This not only confirms your age but also establishes you as a verified content creator on the platform.

Gender Inclusivity

In line with its commitment to inclusivity, welcomes all genders. The platform recognizes the diverse identities of its users and embraces them wholeheartedly. This inclusive stance contributes to the vibrant and diverse community of content creators on MYM.

Registration and Costs

The platform does not charge models or viewers for creating an account. As a fan, you can enjoy free content from various models, offering a sneak peek into their creative world. If you want to delve deeper and access premium content, a payment is required.

For models, although registration is free, MYM fans retains a small percentage of earnings to offset site and staff costs. Despite this, the platform provides a lucrative opportunity to earn substantial income.

In conclusion, if you are above 18 years of age and are willing to comply with the community guidelines and terms of service, offers a fantastic platform for you to connect with your fans and monetize your work.

Detailed Explanation of Services Offered by

Public Media

On, content creators can build a public profile that is accessible to all mym fans. This profile serves as your personal billboard, showcasing a variety of public media such as photos and videos. This free content gives potential subscribers a taste of your work, enticing them to explore more of your exclusive content.

Private Media

For a more intimate connection with your mym fans, offers the option of sharing private media. Private photos and videos are only accessible to fans who have subscribed to your mym account. This exclusive content allows creators to make money by providing their biggest fans with a unique, personal experience.

Customized Media

MYM fans goes the extra mile by allowing fans to request custom content. Fans can ask for personalized content, such as photos and videos, to suit their preferences. Fulfilling these requests provides an additional income stream for content creators and enhances fan engagement.

Push Media also provides a push media feature, allowing content creators to send bonus photos or videos directly to their fans. This feature enhances fan engagement and provides another income source for creators.

Other Features

MYM fans offers various other features to ensure the safety and promote the growth of its creators. A dedicated mym legal team of moderators manually validates all content, ensuring that all private media adhere to the platform’s guidelines. This moderation process ensures that the platform remains a safe and inclusive space for all its members.

SuperStar Program

The SuperStar program on MYM fans is an initiative designed to reward top performers on the platform. By meeting certain requirements, models can qualify for this program, which brings enhanced earnings and visibility.

To be eligible for the SuperStar program, models need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The model’s account must be certified.

  2. The model must be active on the platform.

  3. The model must have had at least 50 active or more subscribers in the previous month.

  4. The model should publish at least 2 media on their feed each week.

  5. The model needs to maintain a response rate of at least 90% to private media requests within 48 hours.

Upon achieving SuperStar status, models enjoy several benefits:

  1. An additional 1% commission on subscriptions and private media earnings.

  2. A SuperStar badge on their profile, highlighting their elevated status.

  3. Increased visibility in search results, as members can filter to only see SuperStars.

The SuperStar status is conferred on the first of each month and remains in effect for the entire following month. So, if you are active on MYM fans and have a strong following, you could very well earn your SuperStar status.

Sponsorship Program

The Sponsorship Program is another unique feature that offers. This great referral program allows creators to earn 10% commission if a new model signs up through their special link. The sponsorship program MYM offers is yet another way for content creators to monetize their experience.

Ways to Make Money on MYM Fans offers a variety of ways for creators to earn money. These include:

  • Subscriptions: Content creators can earn a steady income through monthly subscription. Fans subscribe to their favorite creators’ profiles for a monthly or annual fee, granting them access to exclusive content.

  • Tips: Fans can also show their appreciation for their favorite creators by sending tips. These can add a substantial amount to a creator’s earnings.

  • Private Media: Private media is a significant source of income on By providing personalized photos and videos, content creators can earn substantially more.

  • Custom Video Requests: Creators can also fulfill custom content requests, adding another revenue stream to their mym account.

  • Send PPVs through Mass Messages: Content creators can send pay-per-view (PPV) messages to their subscribers. This allows creators to send exclusive content to their subscribers for a fee, providing yet another way to make money on MYM fans.

MYM.Fans Commission Fee

Understanding the earning potential and payout structure on MYM fans is essential for content creators who are considering joining the platform.

MYM fans offers its models a significant percentage of their earnings, with different commission rates applied depending on the revenue source. As a model on, you retain 75% of earnings from subscriptions, 80% from private media, and an impressive 90% on tips. Such rates are standard among subscription sites as they factor in the necessary costs for hosting and maintaining the platform.

Furthermore, a bank transaction fee of 7% is deducted prior to the payment percentage. To illustrate this, let’s consider an example: if you have 10 subscribers paying you $10 per month, your total monthly income amounts to $100. The bank charges are then calculated as $100 x 7% = $7. Your earnings would then be determined as follows: ($100 – $7) x 75% = $69.75.

The earning potential on MYM fans is also directly linked to your number of subscribers, which typically ranges between 1 to 5% of your social media followers. Thus, the more followers you have and can convert into MYM platform subscribers, the more money you can make.

Payouts Requirements and Options

MYM platform provides various payment options, but certain requirements need to be met for payout:

  • You must have a certified account.

  • You must have added a payment method to your account, such as your bank account or PayPal account.

  • You must have at least €50 of validated earnings.

To certify your account, you will need to fulfill a few requirements, including having at least one person subscribed to your account, having posted at least five images or videos on your feed, verifying your contact information with MYM fans, confirming your cell phone number via SMS, and adding your payment account. You will also need to upload a copy of your ID card or passport and send a selfie to confirm your identity.

Once your account is certified, you can set your payment frequency—twice a week, once a week, twice a month, or once a month, provided you reach the $50 earnings threshold. Earnings are initially considered “pending” for a period of time depending on the service provided before they become “validated” and accessible to you.

MYM Fans Review: Is it Legit? is a reputable platform that offers both creators and fans a unique social media experience. It is globally recognized and has an extensive user base, making it a trustworthy platform for content creators to earn money. prides itself on its user-friendly interface and features. The platform is designed to make it easy for both creators and fans to navigate, ensuring a smooth user experience for all members.

The website has a high Trustpilot score, indicating a high level of user satisfaction. Positive reviews and testimonials from content creators further reinforce the platform’s credibility. vs OnlyFans

The comparison between MYM fans and OnlyFans is inevitable given the similar services they offer to content creators. Both platforms provide effective ways to generate income, appealing to a broad audience, including those producing mainstream, work-safe content. It’s important to note, however, that both platforms currently allow adult content. offers unique features that set it apart, namely, the Push content options and its SuperStar program, which are designed to optimize creators’ earnings. These distinct features can provide additional earning potential that may not be present on OnlyFans.

However, when it comes to the commission fee, MYM fans takes a standard cut of 25%, which is slightly higher than the 20% commission fee on OnlyFans. The SuperStar program on MYM fans can slightly improve this to 24%, but this rate is still slightly higher than OnlyFans.

For creators who primarily produce mainstream content, OnlyFans might be a better fit due to its bigger profile and stronger brand recognition. But if the unique features of MYM fans align more with a creator’s strategy and audience, it can also be an excellent choice. Therefore, the decision between and OnlyFans will largely depend on individual creators’ preferences and their specific monetization strategy.

How to Start Your Own Website Like MYM or OnlyFans

Start your own subscription based social network platform like MYM or OnlyFans with Scrile Connect

For those valuing autonomy and seeking an attractive alternative to common content creator platforms, Scrile Connect presents a comprehensive solution. Providing an integrated platform, it empowers creators to develop and manage their websites independently.

Beyond MYM Fans: Unlock Superior Features with Scrile Connect!

Your content deserves the best platform – Let’s build it!

Scrile Connect enables you to build your own social network website catering to content creators and their followers. The platform offers a host of built-in features, including subscriptions, messages, posts, pay-per-view (PPV) content, and many more. Notably, Scrile Connect provides an array of monetization tools, ranging from premium and private content to tips and PPV content.

Here are some crucial features and benefits associated with Scrile Connect:

  • Complete Ownership: Creators can exercise full control and ownership over their content, branding, and business operations.

  • Customization: Scrile Connect allows you to tailor your site to your specific needs, distinguishing your platform from competitors.

  • Personalized Branding: The platform supports custom domains, permitting creators to have unique website URLs that resonate with their brand and enhance the connection with their audience.

  • Diverse Monetization Opportunities: In addition to monthly subscriptions, Scrile Connect enables content creator to monetize their content through various strategies, encompassing paid posts, tipping, live streams, paid calls, merchandise sales, and more.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed insights and analytics facilitate creators in understanding their audience more effectively and making well-informed business decisions.

  • Dedicated Support: To ensure a seamless operation, Scrile Connect provides dedicated support to promptly address and resolve any concerns, allowing creators to concentrate on content creation.

  • No Commission Fee: Unlike platforms like OnlyFans and MYM fans, Scrile Connect takes no commission from revenue, enabling content creator to retain all of their earnings and make more money.

For more insights on building a platform like and OnlyFans, check out our comprehensive guide on How to Build an OnlyFans Like Platform.


What is the Website MYM?

MYM, short for “Me, You, More,” is a unique social media marketplace that goes beyond traditional social media platforms where users typically upload pictures and videos for engagement. On MYM, creators can monetize their content by sharing insights into their lives with fans. This platform provides an avenue for creators to earn money in exchange for offering exclusive access to their personal experiences and content.

How to Make Money with MYM?

To start making money with MYM Fans, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the MYM platform.
  2. Connect your social media accounts to your MYM profile.
  3. Begin sharing quality content that resonates with and engages your followers. By consistently providing engaging content, you have the potential to earn significant amounts, with some creators earning up to $100 in a day.

Is MYM Fans Safe?

MYM Fans is a reputable and globally recognized platform, providing a unique and secure social media experience for both creators and fans. It boasts a substantial user base, underlining its trustworthiness and reliability as a platform for content creators to safely earn money. The site maintains high standards of security and privacy, making it a safe choice for creators looking to monetize their online presence.

Final thoughts

The world of online content creation has never been more dynamic and full of opportunities. has emerged as a viable platform for content creators, offering competitive commission rates, an inclusive environment, and a system that rewards active, popular creators. Its user-friendly interface, efficient payment system, and unique features offer significant advantages. However, its commission rates, while industry-standard, can eat into creators’ earnings.

On the other hand, OnlyFans, with its larger user base and better brand recognition, offers a lower standard commission fee. While and OnlyFans present significant opportunities, both entail ceding a degree of control over your content and income.

In conclusion, while and OnlyFans have their distinct advantages, platforms like Scrile Connect are carving out a new path in the realm of content creation. As a content creator, the choice between these platforms should be guided by your unique needs and aspirations.

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